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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday

Linking to Work, Wife,Mom...Life! for Working Mommy Wednesday. This week's discussion...talk about a moment of Mommy guilt (and how you pulled through).

Now that I'm on bed rest and still working full time I am working from home. Just to clarify, my version of bed rest is to sit in a very padded comfortable chair in my bedroom while working at a laptop, I can't do a laptop in bed. Lately I've been having all sorts of Mommy Guilt from working from home and not spending time with my daughter. I hear her howls and frustration and I have to grit my teeth and stay seated in my bedroom knowing it's not going to help anyone if I go out and interrupt Mema and Charlotte time. Toddler tantrums are so specific to the adult that is supervising that it rarely helps to get in the middle of a scuffle which is usually just about a demand for candy that was denied or refusal to take a bottle, or a misunderstanding over crayons, etc.

Still, closing the door is hard! But working where she has access to me is even harder!!!

I'm getting over it by spending some quite time with Charlotte in the morning playing with Woody and Jessie dolls. I sit at the table with my breakfast so I can share it with her and come out for scheduled lunch and snack breaks throughout the day.


Julia Ladewski said...

wow. that HAS to be hard. b/c she knows you're there but you can't answer to her. I wonder if she does better when you're actually gone out of the house?? you sound like you're handling it well. but rememeber... let it go. dwelling will only make it worse. Day to day, learn how to improve on the situation and make it work for both of you!

Miss. C said...

I work from home as well and it is tough when you have to ignore them. I try to focus on having lunch with them and not with coworkers, not having a to drive and wasting that time, and being there when they are sick and need me.

kt moxie said...

Working from home on bedrest. You get extra mommy points! I understand how frustrating it would be to *not* get up when you hear your little one in the middle of a tantrum.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you can, with your job, but when I've set a limit, like "I'm working" (which means writing) I shut the door and put in headphones. That way I can't hear it.

crazywildberry said...

Rachel, as I know you, you are making the best of a negative situation. You called in a reliable helper, are making the boundaries clear and are still carving out much-needed mommy time with her. I think you are doing great! And, don't worry. Things will get back to normal soon enough, but in the meantime you are providing your little guy some extra time right where he belongs. It might be rough, but it will be so worth it to have a healthy baby. Thinking of you!

R. Molder said...

Hi Julia - she definitely does better one on one with a caretaker.

Hi Candy - it's true that lack of driving has opened up a little more time in my day! I like that part!!

Hi Kristen - thanks! My job is done sitting at a computer so it's not so bad.

Hi Crystal - I need to find my Bose headphones, lost them awhile back in my closet!

Hi Gina - yeah I know it will be over quickly, I'm actually starting to enjoy working from home! Yesterday I got to come out for a 1/2 hour to watch SpongeBob with Charlotte while eating a bowl of fruit!!