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Monday, September 24, 2007

My dog...

I got home tonight at 8pm, after promising husband I would be home by 6 or 7. He had walked dog briefly in the morning and made me promise to be home at a reasonable hour, a promise I promptly forgot when dealing with a crisis at work.

I was greeted by a painful howl and dropped everything, purse, laptop bag, left overs in one pile and rushed dog outside to do his bathroom duties. I didn’t even stop to change out of work clothes and 3” stacked heels. It was drizzling outside and I forgot the umbrella. Dog took his sweet time sniffing neighbors yard where his former girlfriend lives. Last week she was out daily to greet him with her rear end in his face. This week the heat is gone and she barks angrily from her porch.

Back in the house I’m greeted by 3 hungry cats who boycott my desire to change into more comfortable clothing and start dinner. After feeding them in the garage I walk through the door and pause to watch happy dog bounce through the house, I laugh and suddenly scream in pain as the heavy steel door smashes my hand in the door frame. Literally double over in pain, I realize I’m starving and the combination makes me want to hurl/pass out at the same time.

Pets – they really dominate life.

Monday, September 10, 2007

As the interviewer...

Last week I found myself conducting the last interview. I had already made plans to hire 2 people prior to setting this interview. I only told the guy to come in so I could see his potential as a possible free-lancer. He was 15 minutes late. I met him in the front lobby and he looked 30ish, bald and giddy. I took him into the conference room. Big mistake, he could not take his eyes off the toys. Er, okay. He immediately launched into a tirade of adoration for our toys and his love for children. During his rambling I learned he was a kindergarten teacher, thinks all children need to have a special toy to care for, need to have that one special toy that makes their world amazing, loves to spend time with children and nurture their growth, etc etc. Normally at some point I ask to see a portfolio but I could not find a point to interrupt this "love the kids" rambling. Finally he breaks and dives for his portfolio which contains jewelry with magnets and toys with magnets.

Its at this point that I find myself in an uncomfortable predicament. He is sweating badly, staring at me with a hopeful puppy dog stare that says, I need a home, take me and I will be yours forever. He is sitting too close, leaning forward with hyper excitement. How do I get out of this interview as quickly as possible. In my heart, I'm not a mean person. I can't throw him out with nothing. I know how hard life can be for an artist. So I start explain as gently as possible that I think his portfolio is better suited for a science based toy company where ours is licensed product. We do not design product for children's learning values but based on what Mickey would do in his world. He almost sobs while stating, I've worked myself into a nitch market. Perhaps I was not direct enough so I say I have other candidates with more experience in line for the position. This seems to hit home as he quickly thanks me for my time and departs.

Later my boss comes back to ask what I said to the guy because he left in such a hurry that he almost crashed into several cars.