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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My crowning New Year's Eve achievement

Bank ledger - balanced on first try!

I think that's worth popping the cork on non-alcoholic bubbly for the evening!  Bought for the children's entertainment.  And rightly would have been celebrated with anyway - okay I'm rambling. 

And who is out there actually working on personal bills on New Year's Eve anyway?!? 

But I have something even better to crow about.  Last night I reorganized my entire billing filing system in preparation for getting my 2013 taxes in order AND I made an appointment with an accountant next week.  Such a grown up!  I feel so professional and accomplished :)

How to reach a live agent through Macy's credit card

To reach a live speaking human, yell AGENT three times into the phone.  The teleprompter will try to get you to input your information, repeatedly, but that only leads to another list of services which do not include speaking to an actual person.  So just yell AGENT repeatedly until the teleprompter finally directs you to a human being.

They will also remove the $25 late fee if it's your first time calling and you've somehow managed to put in the incorrect account number for your bank thus leading to said late fee.  

Your welcome.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Originally titled "last post of 2013" but because I can't leave well enough alone was updated so I could spout a few more random and possibly unnessary blog posts before the year ends

Productivity has fallen by more than 50% on this blog since 2012.  We've had some major life changes that have forced me to reallocate time.  The biggest being our move to Maryland mid-year.  Working from home was supposed to afford more time and less driving time but I think I've been working longer hours then ever before!  I think a wise new years resolution would be to restructure my work hours.  I've been staying up too late, sleeping in too late and that pushes my work hours too late.  Time to get on a proper schedule put work where it belongs! 

That said, I'm considering exploring a new theme on my blog.  A blog friend and I have been exchanging articles regarding human rights issues; typically the kind found in the work force like domestic worker abuse and factory worker abuse.  I wonder if we might make a place to highlight issues, bring them to light and make people aware.  I know there are already some great companies doing this like Fair Trade, and what can one person really do to make a difference?  I ask myself that all the time, but who really knows what one article will make a difference in your buying patterns?  Or maybe it's a series of articles that slowly changes one's mindset.  I know mine has been changing as I'm made more aware of where products come from.  Is it really possible to dig deeper and know where all our products are made?  Again, there are many great companies already working hard to highlight these issues, but maybe readers of this site do not know of them. 

Well, it's an issue that's been bothering me for a long time so I thought why not make some noise on my little side of the internet.  So now the only question is, how can I handle a BIG topic and actually be productive on this blog?  Well maybe it's all down to scheduling.  Get work hours under control, and everything else falls into place! 

Friday, December 13, 2013

A letter to Santa, from The Fabulous Violette

Dear Santa,

Have heard rumor that mama sent out a Christmas List.  Just want you to know, it's all wrong!  Here is what I really want:
  1. A force field or bubble that surrounds me as I claim new prize that Sam and Charlotte cannot break through and grab from my hands.
  2. An entire wall of those wonderful metal handles on mama's dresser.  They make such a lovely sound when flipped up and down.  I could do this all day long.  Have never understood why parents don't appreciate repeated jarring noises.
  3. My very own bubble wand that somehow keeps the liquid inside even when turned upside down. You're Santa, you figure it out!
  4. A pot with dirt that I can empty and refill without getting yelled at.  Preferably inside where it's warm.
  5. Everything on mama's dresser with a stool so I can reach all the way to the back.

The Fabulous Violette

Thursday, December 12, 2013

So your mommy works from home? How to enjoy time in her office without being booted out!!!

Dear Internet,

My name is The Fabulous Violette - pronounced VEE-O-LETTE when mommy makes up silly songs about me.

Having mommy work from home has been a source of absolute delight and extreme frustration.  The latter when she shuts the door.  I do my best to get her attention by bolting off the couch and demanding cuddle time every single time she comes out to use the bathroom or get a drink. 

Recently, I discovered the key to actually STAYING in her office for an extended period of time.  It's called "Not pulling things off the desk and putting them in my mouth"!  Have learned to watch mama's face while cautiously removing each curious object from her desk.  Now that we've come to a mutual understanding, she occasionally let's me sit under her desk and sort various objects like paper clips, sparkly hearts, pennies, a miniature cup and iPhone plug.

See, this is me standing by the cords and not getting in trouble!

Another rule is "Not pulling handfuls of dirt out of plants and tossing it onto the floor!".  Have learned to gently touch dirt without removing mass quantities.

Finally, mama's office has the best candy in the world - chocolate covered pomegranates!  Once I spot the bag it's all over because I pester her over and over until she gives in.  One is never enough so after a few minutes of stomping my foot and desperately trying to crawl into her lap to access more, I am booted out.  Oh how I love those chocolates!!!


The Fabulous Violette