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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

This fun blog hop brought to you by "The Un Mom", head over and check out her super cool graphics.

It's already Tuesday again AND I'm still pregnant! No one is more astonished than me. After being told my cervix is 80% softened on Thursday, being told I could not go to pre-natal yoga, experiencing contractions every day since, mis-guessing my water had leaked on Friday, staying in bed all weekend in fear of going into labor when my doctor is off AND hinting strongly that I needed mother in law to show up early so I could get through said bed rest - I'm still pregnant! Apologies for discussing my cervix in public, at this point I've even discussed my cervix with my boss. When someone asks how I'm doing I tend to be specific.


Last week I thought I had 3 weeks left before my braces came off - I was wrong; they came off today!!!! I'm so super excited to have them removed before baby boy arrives. Upon leaving the orthodontist handed me a container full of candy. Guess who's consumed half of it already? Hint - she's 2. And it was not on my authority that candy was consumed! But then again it's not on my watch that she will be potentially skipping her afternoon nap from sugar rush :)


Monday I couldn't take hibernation any longer so went with husband on trip to visit car lots with the promise that all I had to do was sit around and get up occasionally to look at mini vans. We got out for 4 hours and husband learned my favorite romantic song is "(I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight) from Smokie: Greatest Hits Collection. I just remember this playing at all the high school parties my European friends would hold and thinking it was the most romantic song in the world and you know high school is all about finding your dream guy! So keep it in mind husband! In case you're wondering how we got through 10 years of marriage without this coming up - well I can only say I recently reheard the song and remembered it was my favorite!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll! Looking forward to checking out other random blogs!!!


VandyJ said...

So, did you find a van? Congrats on still being pregnant! I love that song too.

Keely said...

Heh. I love that song too. It's very...dramatic.

Hope you're un-pregnant soon (and easily, of course)!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

Yay for still being pregnant and for getting your braces off BEFORE the baby!!!!!
Isn't it funny what things you can still learn about your hubby after 10 years. I'm 29 years in and still find things out I didn't know. Mystery keeps a marriage fun!!!
I'll be praying that you make it to your due date and following along now!

kyooty said...

Happy RTT!!! :) I remember all too well having my Mom come to my house to ehlp out before my youngest was born. I thought for sure my baby would be early. The other two were? nope. seems my pregnancies got longer, 35wks, 38wks and 40wks 5days! mom got her at 36wks. We weren't insane at all... :)
easy baby coming out vibes.

crazywildberry said...

Isn't that how it always is? You plan something and it all goes so different than we expect it to. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well. Just keep those feet up.

Don't worry abut talking about your cervix. I have been known to mention my placenta a time or two.

Can't wait to see your "new" teeth. September/ October can't get here soon enough. We'll have to make some plans in August.

So, did you find a suitable van? Keep me posted on that.

I didn't remember that that was your favorite romantic song. Funny, the things you learn about your friends after 19 years. (Really? Are we THAT old?!)