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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mmmmm Outback

I seem determined to wreck all advances made by morning workout. Outback is almost the last restaurant within a short walking distance from the hotel that I have not yet had and it has been beckoning for a several days. Tonights message was short, it said "I promise to give you chicken and pasta that will make you happy!" and I promptly gave in.

I entered the promise land with the request to test taste 3 different wines before I settled on one. The funny part is the servings kept getting bigger! The last was almost 1/2 the glass - silly waiter (unlike cheap Ruth steak house waiter who gave me tiny sips of 2 wines).

I ordered chicken and shrimp pasta. First the lovely brown bread came out - I'm sure you are drooling at this point, nice beautiful brown bread with soft creamy butter. Then they brought "welcome shrimp" breaded and with a drizzle of mayo! Then the pasta where the chicken was wonderful and everything a chicken texture has ever promised to be. How I love Chicken - from America, no bones, skin, beaks or feet - just lovely pressed together formed in a strip chicken breast.

Lovely night, going to bed early because tomorrow I'm going to China to visit mechanism factories. I must remember to take a banana for the food will certainly be interesting.

I just KNEW the streets of Hong Kong were not safe!

Front page head line reads: Hawkers plunge into street cave-in. Apparently yesterday's terrifing thunder storms caused the side walk in an alley to collape. Four street vendors fell into a 4 metre-deep hole along with their booths.

It happened minutes before a red rainstorm warning - prompted by a deluge that dropped up to 70mm of rain in an hour - was lowered.

Things not normally seen or heard in US News:
1. Hawkers
2. side walk collape
3. metre
4. red rainstorm warning
5. mm

I'm not sure what I'm more shocked at, side walk collape or hawkers staying in their booths in this kind of insane weather???