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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Years of Marriage

But first I had to go back in time to see what I wrote in 2008 and 2009.

This year my wish is to spend a quiet evening with my husband remembering the past 10 years and planning for the next 10. We are blessed to have his mother in town to watch Charlotte and it will be awesome to take a break for just the two of us.


We went out to eat at my favorite restaurant on Deerfield Beach and I had an amazing Wasabi Crusted Salmon. The food was amazing but to be honest I had a hard time enjoying myself as contractions throbbed throughout the meal getting increasingly stronger and closer together. After the meal we walked on the beach and I thought maybe if I touch water it will make my water break - didn't work. Maybe if I break down and cry a whole lot it will break - didn't try it.

Later that night around 2am the contractions stopped and I slept the entire night. This is one tricky baby!!!

One thing I'd like to take note of - after 10 years of marriage my favorite part about my husband is watching him be a dad to my children. I'm seeing a wonderful caring side to him that I always suspected was there but to see is to believe. I'm so happy to be married to him - even though I may have been a bit of an exhausted grump during dinner!

I would also like to say I miss our pre-kids anniversary's because we always took cool vacations, the last being 2007 in the Key's. A dinner out is just not the same. Something to look forward to when kids move out!


Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary...wishing you guys the best and hope you enjoy the day!

rapunzel said...

Happy Anniversary. Wishing you a whole lot of quiet on your special night. :)

crazywildberry said...

Happy Anniversary, Mike and Rachel! I still remember those days when we were attending AIP and Mike had his eye on you. Of the guys you saw back when we were younger, I couldn't be happier for you that you and Mike worked out. :)

Glad that MIL is still there and you are able to keep those feet up a little while longer. Glad to hear too that Mike is getting some things done. That's awesome!

Anniversary dinners are so nice. It sounds like a wonderful time, just the two of you, recalling the past, wondering about the future. Too bad the present was a bit of a distraction. Trust me, I too know that well. For our 10th anniversary, I was six months pregnant with #3.

Well, anyways, may you have many many more happy years together. Hold dear what you have. You are blessed!