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About Me

Hi, my name is Rachel.  

I started this blog before becoming a parent and it was just a place to write about life and my travels.  I had my first baby in 2008 and being far from family, it became a lifeline to connect with other mom's.

From 2008 - 2012 is the period when the blogging world exploded, people were doing conferences and getting paid to promote products on their blogs and blogging seemed all about how to get noticed.  The word "influencer" was born.  Cringe.

I've always worked full time and don't have the time or care to make my blog a business.  I just want to document life as it happens.  Who knows who will read this someday.  Maybe my great great grand kids?  How awesome would that be!?!  I'd love to read about my ancestors but all I have are the stories told to me by family.  So. this is my story and here are some of the topics I enjoy writing about:

1.  Art - I put this first, but it's probably my least blogged about area.  I have a Bachelor's in Industrial Technology, which is jut another word for product design.  My art is random and probably spend more time supporting my children's endeavors than my own.  I hope to one day do ceramics again and have my own wheel and kiln someday.

2.  Homemade - I love to write about homemade food.  I grew up in a family that had a huge garden, chickens that laid brown eggs, and we did tons of canning every summer.  These days 95% of our meals are home-made.  The recipes are based on my personal experiences and I'm writing them out for my kids to find one day.  They are based on research and adjusted to personal taste.  I have a rule that breakfast breads should have 50% sugar to flour ratio, anything more is too sweet for my taste so that's the first thing I adjust when making breakfast breads.  I only list a recipe if I've changed 3+ ingredients from the original source.

3.  Travel - I used to travel extensively for my job as a director of product development for a toy company.  I work from home and now only travel for work a few times per year.  Our family travels are fun to document.

4.  Faith/Morals - I'm a Christian, but I have more close Atheist friends than I do Christian.  I went to The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in the 90's that opened me up to a pretty wide range of folks that I'd never encountered in the small town that I grew up in.  Traveling extensively has opened me up to worldwide beliefs that are not commonly found in a small town.  I don't impose my faith on anyone.  I think it's absolutely critical that Christians be very careful to not judge others for their beliefs and just be available to talk and be a loving friend.  When I die, I would like to be remembered as someone who was a good listener and loved people regardless of their personal beliefs.