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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Husband claims I’m as emotionless as the Terminator

I took Chopper to the grooming salon today for a complete shave – an unforgivable act by AKC Cavalier King Charles standards. It was necessary; he’s had a run in with ticks that refuse to die regardless of months of bi-weekly tick bathes and front line medicine.

As I was signing him in at the grooming salon, he did his typical whining fret that he wasn’t someplace cooler like PetSmart. A lady to my left started fretting equally over my dog – cooing and giving him poor dog looks and finally asked if he was crying. To which I promptly replied no and continued filling out the form.

Crying? Dogs don’t cry; they are not human.

I take a seat and give him a few treats after he has calmed down. He settles and we both wait for the groomer who finally comes out and informs fretting lady that her dog is ready but had 4 ticks. She flies into panic mode and inquires what color are the ticks. Black. I tell Groomer that my dog has a really bad tick problem and must be completely shaved.

Groomer leaves and brings back her dog and she again asks what color the ticks are. Black. She leans over to ask me how to get rid of ticks and I say I have no idea but I’m having Chopper shaved so we can see them better and aid easier removal. She freaks out a little more and finally leaves.

In recounting the story to my husband later, he determined to buy me a set of black sunglasses with leather fingerless gloves and call me the Terminator – because I couldn’t remember what kind of dog fretting lady even had and showed no interest in her concern for my dog.

I should mention Husband works for PetSmart and deals with fretting dog ladies on a daily basis. I am completely impressed that he does his job with such a cheerful, patient attitude.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baby Plans

Today my co-workers took a sudden interest in my plans for post maternity leave baby care. Senior designer, who was a stay at home dad for 5 years commented that he couldn't imagine leaving a 4 month old in day care. The single 25 year old ladies chimed in that they couldn't imagine it either, the horror - a 4 month old in day care. The single guy had no comment.

My boss has been insisting for years that I convince husband to be a stay at home dad. He hasn't brought it up lately, for which I'm grateful.

It's all so awkward; obviously in a perfect world all women might want to be a stay at home mom but I'm afraid that by choosing to live in South Florida and owning a home during the worst housing market of my lifetime which prevents selling and moving seem to indicate I will be a working mom. I'm not upset or depressed with this idea; I seem to have always had a firm grip on reality and I do the best with the hand I'm dealt.

My only idea so far is to ask my boss for "work from home Friday's" and have husband take off Thursday's so thus reducing day care to 3 days. Beyond this my baby plans are limited to putting together a baby registry. I promised husband I would do this tonight but have instead spent the evening reading favorite blogs and writing my own. Guess I best be working on that registry or my complaints about husband's absent mindedness towards household chores will fall on deaf ears.