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Friday, February 22, 2013

Condo Tales ~ Your Neighbors Are Watching You

This morning I drove up to the front gate and while waiting for it to swing open, a neighbor, who I did not recognize entered the opposite side and suddenly gestured for me to roll down my window.  Odd but okay.  He then proceeded to ask if we were selling our red car, gave me his address and now I know he's the one who lives across from us with his family who has the window open all the time (except when it's closed to smoke weed) so they must be watching us.

We don't have a "for sale" sign on the red car.

We haven't driven the red car for 3-4 weeks because it broke down one morning and I've been on a marathon travel schedule so it just sat in a guest parking spot.  I guess neighbors noticed.  They noticed we now have 3 cars and came to the conclusion that we might not need all 3 cars.

Now I might not mention this except that another neighbor - fortunately one we actually know - ALSO came to us asking if we are selling the red car!

Two neighbors!

Which got me to thinking that my neighbors are watching me.  Even the ones I don't recognize!  

In conclusion, if you value privacy, do NOT live in a condo.  

PS. Oh, by the way if you are interested in a car it is a red Pontiac Grand Am 2004, let me know we can work out a deal :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

One parent Sunday

Husband has hurt his back and needs to spend lots time resting so this is how I get 3 kids to church by myself. Love this stroller for keeping kids wrangled. The only fix it needs is a secure seat belt for the middle child because every time I stop he tries to escape.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

London - day 2

Trip:  London, England
Purpose:  Business
Day 2

I’ve misread my calendar and arrive for my meeting 2.5 hours early.  It’s fine though, because they put me in a nice room with access to drinks and the loo so I’m quite comfortable.  Then they start an hour early with me, which is nice because we have lots to review.  Meetings end at 2pm and I take a taxi back to hotel to drop off laptop bag.

3pm – I now have 3 hours to shop. 

Disney Store

Pylones in the SOHO district – which I bought a business card holder from in 2006 and fell in love with their artistic designs.  This time I bought a cheese grater, travel mug and ballerina pen for Charlotte.

Bookstore – I’m an avid reader of British & Irish authors and my favorite, Marian Keyes, has just put out a book that’s not out in the US yet.  It was so exciting to pick this up and I got 2 awesome books for the kids that cannot be found in the US. 

Indian Food for dinner – I entered a completely empty restaurant at 5pm and having skipped lunch was ready for dinner.  How lovely to find an empty restaurant with new book in hand!  I ordered dinner and immediately became engrossed in the story through 100 pages before a French couple showed up and ruined everything with their chatter.  Satisfied that I’d already eaten and had tea I returned to the hotel for an evening of SKYPE with the family and more reading. 

It’s evenings like this that give me a well needed mom’s night off!

Monday, February 04, 2013

London - day 1

Trip:  London, England
Purpose:  Business
Day 1

I’ve arrived one day early on a red eye flight because my meeting is set for Monday AM so need day to adjust. 

Goal of first day – check into hotel around 10am and then find friend blogger Grit and family at the British museum in afternoon.  Secure map from concierge and walk to museum while getting lunch on the way!

Sights seen:

·      Salvation Army, playing taps.  American moment, I didn’t know they were international!  Shortly thereafter I pass their London headquarters.  Interesting!

·      Hare Krishnas suddenly pop into view with their chants and tambourines.

·      Do a quick search for a store that was visited in 2006, forgot address at hotel so will come back tomorrow.

·      London phone booth.

·      London bus.

·      See a Cadburry store, cannot resist going inside for candy for the family.  Later realize they are everywhere and more like a convenience store. 

1.5 hours later I finally arrive at the British Museum and I’m completely exhausted from walking and red eye flight.  Grit takes mercy on me and we sit down to chat and get caught up.  The triplets nod their hello's and split up to look for home education opportunities in the museum.

The rest is a blur, I visit Roman history, Egyptian artifacts and take many photos of the mosaics in hopes that I’ll come home and teach my little ones how to make one.  The museum ceiling is really cool and they must think so too because there are umbrellas for sell of the ceiling.  

 6pm, the museum closes, I bid adieu to the Grit family and make my way by taxi back to the hotel.  Dinner is just a bowl of soup because I’m so desperately tired I can barely hold my head up.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

London ~ my 4th and possibly last "free" trip

England is a coming home of sorts for me, my mom's father's family is from here so I've had a huge affinity for this place for a very long time.  Plus anywhere you can speak the language and be clearly understood is extremely comforting.

Alas, I fear this might be my last "free" trip to England.  My client has moved development to the states and this is to become a buying office only.  Not much reason to come back.  So I told myself to chin up and seek out every last ounce of fun from this trip.

Nothing will deter me from enjoying this trip, not even a red eye flight!  Meaning I flew economy overnight, slept roughly 7 hours on a plane, got here are 9:30am and still determined to see the city.