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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Road Trip 2017

Our family does an annual pilgrimage to West Texas from Maryland once a year to visit husbands family.  This will be our 3rd trip since moving to Maryland, prior to this we used to fly from Florida, but we had less kids back then.  Driving is cheaper then flying for a family of 6.  The only draw back is that it takes 3 days.  We try to break this up with various pit stops for entertainment.  Here is our the first leg of our trip went:

Friday - Sunday we spent time in Ripley, WV visiting friends.

Our kids promptly made themselves right at home by completely unpacking their backpacks and throwing their clothes into the resident girls laundry hamper - logical to them, not to the one responsible for re-packing and extracting our entire family from friends residence.  Our things were spread so far and wide that we left behind our bread box and church shoes!

A little explanation the bread box, it had a loaf of Honey Wheat for sandwiches, Mini Naan, homemade sweet potato bread for breakfast, and tortillas.  I was quite sad at leaving this behind.

Our next stop was Bowling Green, KY, about 5 hours drive from Ripley.  We had planned to see Dino World on Monday but the weather was showing rain for the entire day so sadly we got up and decided to try the one in Texas.  Monday's drive took us to TexArkana where we spent the night.

Tuesday's drive got us to Glen Rose, TX around 1pm, we ate a quick lunch at Sonic and then went to Dino World until it closed at 5pm.  At this point we were about 5 hours from our destination.  After a family meeting, it was determined that we should drive all the way, even if it meant stopping for dinner and getting in around midnight.  I guess everyone was tired of hotels at this point and just wanted to get to Mema and Pepa's house!