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Friday, July 16, 2010

Sick and 37 weeks pregnant

I've managed to avoid sickness for this entire pregnancy and last night I fell victim to Charlotte's cold. It's an all consuming head cold complete with eye pain, stuffy nose and complete lack of energy. Random contractions hurt more now that I don't have the energy to shrug them off.

Every day this week I've been hoping this baby would be born and now I want him to just wait a few days until I'm over the cold. Can you imagine going through labor while sneezing and hacking through a cold??? To further compound things, husband works an hour away on Friday and Saturday so on these days I switch to "not wanting baby to be born" mode.

Mema has been here 2 weeks now and we are still incredibly thankful for the extra help. It would be difficult getting through this weekend sick without her. But after two weeks Charlotte is no better with her "attitude" and has begun to refuse all bottles from Mema. So today we set down a firm rule, Mema will provide all bottles and if she refuses them solids will be offered our our regular eating schedule - which we offer every day anyway but she usually refuses solids in favor of the bottles. She's either
A - wanting to wean off the bottles
B - not wanting Mema involved in the feeding process

Either way, Mema's assigned grand bottle/food master. Today she's rejected her 7am, 10am and 2pm bottles and in turn eaten with us for breakfast and lunch.

We got home from our morning doctor's appointment at noon and she ran up to her dad with bottle in hand and asked him to give it to her, then she asked me. Heartbreaking! Those big black doe eyes looking up asking to be fed but we made a rule and we are sticking to it. She needs to learn to eat with Mema. Personally I'd be thrilled if this ends all bottle consumption - who wants to clean bottles after 2 kids??? Especially a 2 year old who should have been weaned a long time ago but any long time readers will know she's been such a picky eater that we kept up with it to keep nutrition consistent.

So that's my day, eating cough drops, trying to get some work done while my head is one big cloud, hoping daughter decides to eat real food from now on and hoping baby boy stays put for another 2 days!


Grit said...

get well quickly! and good luck with the feedings. i tried to get ours off bottles sooner than they really wanted; we managed to drop them out of the routine except at the bedtime one, when we eventually replaced it with a sippee cup and cuddle. there's no easy answer to these transitions! i can only tell you that they don't seem to hold any grudges about it!

Barb said...

I can't imagine being sick and that pregnant. How miserable. Not to mention the heat of So.Fla which is where I lived when I was pregnant a million years ago! Here's wishing you much luck and a quick recovery.

crazywildberry said...

So sorry for you, Rachel! Hope you feel better real soon! I can't believe that you made it to 37 weeks! Maybe you will make it to 38 weeks after all! Maybe more! Although, I know how you might feel, ("just come out, for Pete's sake!!") and I wouldn't blame you! It's miserable being pregnant in summer and in FL no less. (Maybe next time [if there is a next time] with a winter due date? Haha!)

Blessings for wisdom and strength as you combat this bottle battle. I would forgo the bottles and offer the sippy cup. Have you tried them with her? My kids liked the Gerber and Playtex ones. One thing is certain. She won't starve herself. When she gets hungry enough, she will eat. A skipped meal or two isn't the end of the world. Blessings!

(BTW, I am so jealous of you for your mother-in-law!) ;D