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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picky Eater

I've written about my picky baby eater before and many of you sent kind advice of which I've tried and sorry to say we have not gained momentum. In fact, at her 15 mo. check up she's now at the 0 weight percentile of her age group. I'm NOT one to panic and feel strategy and perseverance are all that's needed to put some weight on this skinny little nymph. The doctor's only advise was to increase her calorie intake any way possible. She suggested adding cream to her bottles, butter and cream to potatoes, canola oil to bottles (this sounds kinda gross) and anything we can think of to add calories. It's a magical time where we can feed her chocolate eclairs (totally my idea) and did you know Karo Syrup has 120 calories per ounce??? She will put on poundage - I've made a chart with calories per food serving, and a handy check off list for foods eaten that day.

Other then the food issue, she's grown to the correct length, correct head size and all other signs are on the mark. She runs around all day long chasing every animal that moves and crashes for 2 naps.

Any recommendations for high calorie foods would be greatly appreciated. Until then, expect lots of chocolate puddings, cream puff balls, ice cream sunday's and white bread galore - basically all the things I cut from my diet 3 years ago when turning 30 meant metabolism slowed to a crawl.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pumpkin Shortage!

I love pumpkin pie so imagine my horror upon discovering a Pumpkin shortage!

At Publix the store manager shook his head saying "no idea when it's coming in". Research online showed there had been a bad crop of pumpkins and distribution was scarce! Oh the horror!!! Halloween and Thanksgiving without pumpkins is like Christmas without Santa and presents!!!

I then made it a quest to visit every grocery store in the area looking for pumpkin cans or whole pumpkin. I tried specialty markets, Wal Mart markets, Whole Foods and finally found a small selection of whole pumpkins at Winn Dixie! I swear angels were singing as I selected one beautiful pumpkin.

I've never cooked a whole pumpkin before so internet research led me to Martha Stewart Recipes which was very handy in learning how to make Pumpkin Puree. I believe this recipe was referring to small pumpkins whereas ours was 10lbs so we cut it in 1/2 first, then in quarters. Husband wanted to remove all the skin which I adamantly refused to do - my pumpkin, my rules. Get your own pumpkin if you wish to deviate from the recipe!

We accidentally let pumpkin overcook for 45 minutes so it was a little crispy on the edges. After cooling for one hour, I scooped the pumpkin off the skin, ignoring husbands snipe that it would have been easier to cut off the skin from the beginning. While manual labor is appreciated, verbal feedback is not. We then proceeded to shovel pumpkin into food processor for the next 1/2 hour. End result is enough pumpkin puree to make 6 pies, cost of Pumpkin $6.00 so cost per pie is $1.00.

For the pie, Libby's pumpkin pie recipe was used and the end result is wonderful. Taste is almost exactly like Libby's and the only difference is theirs seems to have a brighter orange color. I do think it could use a tad less sugar so next pie will try 2/3 cup vs 3/4.

Very pleased with self and to top it off, baby likes pie! Here is photo of her playing in the Wok while pie is assembled.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I should be sleeping right now, it's midnight but I can't lay there one minute longer roving through memories of high school and college life. I blame scrap booking friend who reminded me on Facebook of a trip taken to an amusement park. Before going to bed I searched through boxes of photos to find that one picture of her on the bus. While looking I found photos of me with grandfather, with father, first college roommate, really cool projects that I made in art school - every photo has a story and it's a beautiful history but for someone who has recently developed insomnia it's maddening because it feels like there is no ending in sight.

I'm almost through a bottle of sleeping pills that work really well if I take them one hour before I want to sleep. So well that I've struggled to brush my teeth before bed because I'm so tired I think I might pass out while brushing, so well that when the baby woke up as I was going to bed that as I began to rock her back to sleep I panicked that I might fall dead asleep, rushed out to find husband and basically threw her into his arms while saying I'm about to sleep I can't hold her!!! The following morning these memories are really hazy but husband reminds me they did happen. The following day I always feel a bit sluggish throughout the day so this really isn't an ideal scenario. I really should try to resolve this insomnia without drugs but I need to work tomorrow and so on and so on.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrrr, welcome to my blog. Today I wish you all a happy and fruitful Talk Like a Pirate Day!

We started our day by dressing our small one in Pirate gear! Look at that scowl!

How did we manage that you ask? Did we pinch her? Deny her snacks? No, she's just very sick with a cold. Very very sick, actually this is the worst day of her entire 15 month life. I'm not kidding, it's been a crazy day of sneezing, head banging and a horrible throaty cough followed by a heart wrenching wail of pain and agony. I'd love to say we spent all day talking like Pirates, celebrating 15 month day and eating Pirate snacks but at least one of us played the angry part! Poor baby.

Fortunately for us, husband got off work early and was able to suitably distract her this evening thus allowing me to make dinner early and throw together a Peach/Blueberry Pie! I can't wait for tomorrow, even if she's still sick, no one can deny the yummy healing powers of a peach/blueberry pie with frozen yogurt!!!

Still trying to save money - Beauty Products

I wanted to do a full year of money saving tips but I've been so lax at this, apologies. So here's a few tips on beauty products:

1. I've switched from Cetaphil soap to bulk Kirkland soap, my Dermatologist suggested the Cetaphil but I figure it's washed off too fast to really do anything so I'm using the cheap soap now. Cost is like $3.00 per bar vs less then $1.00 for bulk.

2. I've switched from Aveeno shaving cream at $3.99 to Skintimate for $2.99. I really do prefer the Aveeno, it smells so good, but again it's off my skin so fast it really doesn't matter.

3. I've switched from John Freda shampoo and conditioner Tresemme bulk shampoo and conditioner. I haven't seen a bit of difference in my hair's obedience level. I have really curly hair and live in South Florida, high humidity, basically there is nothing in this world that can deliver on it's "promises" in this weather.

Small choices, but they are a reflection of the past year. I'm really trying to make every purchase a pro/con issue.

One beauty area I refuse to compromise on - make up. I buy Estee Lauder and it's very light and I only have to apply a small dot to each section. With an art school background minoring in make up, I consider myself a minor expert in this area and really insist on a good quality brand.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I sit here with one sandal on (she's run off with the other one), eating lunch at the computer while she putters around the condo screaming at the dog and stopping by to request a bite of food. Her request is one short MAH! It could mean Mom, or More - I'm not sure but I do know it's a request for food. So I keep a supply of wheat bread and cheerios near by in case my lunch is too spicy or strange for her.

Saturday morning plans

This morning, as I rocked Charlotte to sleep, I made big plans to make a chorizo burrito - but first I want to do a 1/2 hour of yoga because they say yoga is best done on an empty stomach. So I will mix the eggs first so that immediately after yoga I can cook the eggs. That way if she wakes up during yoga, I can hold her if requested while cooking the eggs.

After 15 minutes I gently lay her on the bed, her eyes immediately pop open and she stands, grinning that huge grin - she's not going back to sleep now. Nice cat nap baby. But I'm still making those eggs.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Labor Day 2009

We broke our rule to never visit the beach on a holiday. Chaos is guaranteed with crowded, long impatient lines in the parking lot, police and parking enforcement. We had skipped going on Saturday and Sunday due to my feeling sluggish from getting the flu shot so the urge was too much by Monday, we caved and made the best of it.

Having husband in tow means photos get taken of Charlotte and myself in the water AND he can tote more beach gear then I can handle.

While in the water, I got Charlotte to crawl onto the boogie board!

How cool is that!!! She balanced in the waves on this board. I was so proud!

Later that day we replaced a meal with ice cream.

Lovely day, would not wish for better.

Florida Blue Crab

I love Florida wild life and seeing a huge Florida blue crab on the beach made Labor day extra special.

I had to be quick because he quickly slid under the beach brush. This dude had a 4-5" wide body. Marvelous!

Charlotte Walking

In one week, just one week, Charlotte has switched to walking almost 90% of the time. It's like a switch went off in her head. Just a week ago I posted photos of her clumsy steps on the beach. This weekend she walked with me to the neighbors home.

I'm really not sure why the walking has me so amazed. I watch her toddle around the condo in total disbelief. I can recall people saying, ooooh wait till she takes her first steps, or you don't want her to be in day care when she takes her first steps. The first steps were cool but the entire walking thing is totally and consistently astounding!!!

You may notice the cute little sandals came off, she seems to walk better without shoes, which is fine but I don't want her to step in duck poop. The little pond in the background is home to Muscovy ducks and they make quite a mess. Now if I can only keep her from stopping to poke at the duck poop.

This post is about me

My knees hurt - alot. I did a 20 minute level 2 routine from the Jillian Micheal's Shread DVD and then wore heels to the office. The workout has alot of jumping and it's hurt before but not this much. Maybe it's because I took 4 days off to do nothing over Labor Day weekend? I dunno, but I'm switching to flats for the remainder of this exercise.

I suppose there has to be compromise - I can be in shape, but need to wear flats OR I can be cuddly and wear heels. I should also point out that while getting in shape, my hair has gone to crap. I literally wash it and run out the door with wet curly hair. So I'm in shape, can wear size 6 again, hair has the wet curly look all day and I'm in flats. Now if I can only go to bed on time I might accomoplish better hair.

To be continued.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Night

I got off work early today, thanks to an impulsively kind boss. Much gratitude.

Husband and I took our lovely daughter out for dinner, and for once we didn't bring the camera. We fed her Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Carrots and Chocolate Cake.

Afterward we walked through the throngs of awkward teens struggling to outdo each other in scruffy clothing - two guys even wore those stupid hats from Walt Disney World and one carried a wooden cross that he called a sword?!? I thought grunge was left behind in the 90's? I tried to make Charlotte promise to never become a scruffy hippie teen but she just might find evidence of our prior lives... if she looks hard enough.