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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Working Mom Wednesday

Linking to Work, Wife,Mom...Life! for Working Mommy Wednesday. For this week the discussion is: Top 5 things I say every day to my Boss, Husband, Charlotte and Co-workers!

Top 5 things I say to Boss every day:

1. Yes I will call Asia tonight to discuss that issue.

2. The quotes are high because of the “great price increase of 2010 from Vietnam”

3. Yes I called the client about that issue.

4. No I haven’t had the baby yet.

5. No projects are not slipping through the cracks; we just don’t have time to put them all on reports to prove they exist.

Top 5 things I say to Husband every day:

1. Why don’t you go work in the garage today?

2. Please put your shoes away in the bedroom.

3. I love you (I think I say this every day).

4. Today I need you to (fill in random chore).

5. No I’m not in labor it’s just another contraction.

Top 5 things I say to Charlotte every day:

1. Hey! Do NOT hit the dog with the broom (cup, or whatever object she is swinging)!

2. Go to your room if you are going to scream like that!

3. I love you, along with a string of other words like how she is the prettiest lady in the entire world and good morning gorgeous lady, etc.

4. Please eat more food.

5. Do you have a diaper? (meaning need diaper change)

Top 5 things I say to Asia co-workers every day in email and SKYPE:

1. Resend (to emails that are left unanswered)

2. This is “Top Urgent” (as adverse to Regular Urgent)

3. This quote is too high

4. No I haven’t had the baby yet.

5. Please fix (insert current crisis)

Hmmmm, looks like I could fit some cheer and joy into this list of interaction.


Betsy said...

We are working on "Do NOT hit the dog with your (toy) car!" over here today!

Julia Ladewski said...

this was funny. i like how you say to everyone "no, i haven't had the baby yet." like, duh!!

Lisa said...

I think you are ready to have that baby! When I logged into your site, I noticed you only have 15 more days! So exciting :-)

crazywildberry said...

The first two times I read this I thought it read garbage.

"Top 5 things I say to Husband every day:

1. Why don’t you go work in the ((garage)) today?"

Glad to reread that correctly and see that you don't really want him in the garbage. Have a great day! Love this post!

Louise said...

I gave up on asking hubby to put his shoes away. I now just have an area of our bedroom (far corner by his bed) where I "dump" everything he leaves around the house...:)

R. Molder said...

Ha! Love that Mommycrat!!! I've done that too.