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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Opps I missed posting in January

I can sum up the month as follows:

* I lost my appetite and no one warned me this would happen! Damn you all pregnant women for misleading me (upon questioning, they all finally admitted food cravings start in 2nd trimester)! All I heard is you eat and eat and eat! I could not eat my favorite foods or hardly anything for that matter. The last 4 weeks of my 1st Trimester were very disparaging days. Coming home from work exhausted and resorting to PB&J or Grilled Cheese. The only thing I enjoyed was fresh juice with my new juicer.

* January 28th my co-worker took our creative group to a new Mexican joint near the beach called Tijuana Flats. It was the best food Mexican I’ve eaten since my last trip to Texas!!! I went Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday! I’m seriously considering it today but I have a nice leftover lasagna from Too Jays. I think it’s the hot sauce that makes is so fabulous. I’ve heard hot sauce brings happy endorphins and I’ve definitely been coming back from lunch with a happy attitude.

Husband is from Texas so he’s psyched to see his ½ of the genes kicking in food preferences.

Baby’s first word might be Taco.