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Monday, July 26, 2010

Multitude Monday

Hello Monday, I've had such a wonderful weekend but I'm still glad to see you because it brings me one step closer to baby boy and my hopes/plans to go into labor naturally before being induced on Thursday.

I started by walking 3 miles this morning. It really wiped me out! Husband is out getting Emergen-C, a wonderful energy vitamin packet from Whole Foods that I feel desperate for - that and some chocolate croissants. I have such a nice husband.

I've called my pre-natal yoga instructor and made plans to meet her tonight from 6:30-7:30, then I plan to walk another 3 miles before bed.

Tomorrow morning I'll walk 3 more miles; then meeting my yoga teacher from 11:30-2pm.

So let's see what happens!

Moving onto a Multitude of Monday thankfulness, started by blogger Ann Voskamp

17. Comfortable walking shoes - I have this beautiful pair of green Nike's and they are a little hard to put on at 9mo pregnant but so comfortable to walk in. I'm so thankful to afford them.

18. My Pre-Natal Yoga teacher - she gives me so much energy; after walking today I didn't think I had the energy to even sit and work at at desk but after talking to her I felt better. Some people are so good at encouragement and lifting others up.

19. Evenings at the beach - watching the moon rise as the water and sky turn midnight blue. What a beautiful experience.

20. Farmer's markets - yesterday we visited one in Davie, FL that had the most amazing Boar's head sandwiches. Mine was roast beef with horseradish sauce. It was the best sandwich I've ever eaten!! It's at least 30 miles from home, any chance I might get back before having this baby?


K E Fleck said...

lovely list! And, yes, hooray for Farmer's markets!

sending gentle birth/end of pregnancy vibes your way ... a tender time, isn't it?

Best wishes!

Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, I love the little one who is so sandy faced in your header. Too sweet.

Bounced over from Holy Experience to say hey!

R. Molder said...

Thanks Kara, I'm enjoying this time tremendously.

Hi Amy, nice of you to stop by. I love meeting new readers!

Susan {LilbearMe} said...

Mmm, chocolate croissants...you do have a nice husband! Found you at Ann's Holy Experience. Love comfy shoes, farmer's markets, and evenings at the beach (here in Florida, too). Will be thinking about you this week!

crazywildberry said...

I am so hoping you go naturally before or on Thursday as being induced isn't fun. It's much better naturally. Keep up the exercising and yoga classes. I am rooting for you! You made it to 38 weeks... I am so excited about that! I will start praying for an easy labor for you despite the doctor's concerns due to baby's size. I think you will do fine! :)

Just bought a new pair of walking/running shoes. The old ones were over two years old. They were shot and I was desperate for a new pair as I was heading south east to visit with some friends and I knew I would do a lot of walking. Plus, in October, I am hoping to do a walking/jogging half marathon. I will really need new shoes for that!