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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby Boy Update

My weekly doctor's appointments are on Thursday and I should just make a Thursday banner to announce "Pregnancy Updates" but since this WILL be my last Thursday update I'll let that go until next time around.

July 29th is my scheduled induce date at 6am! Unless he decides to come naturally before that date I'm written in for this time. Prior to this I will seek help from my yoga instructor to do a special session where she claims all mommy's who have done this with her have gone into labor. If that doesn't work I'll visit the acupuncturist/natural birth specialist who is also supposed to know how to get women to go into labor.

Why do all this during my 38th week? Because he's up to 8lbs already and getting bigger, by next weekend my mother in law will have been here for an entire month in which he was supposed to have arrived "any time now". For the record my cervix will have been 80-90% softened for an entire month with no further dilation along with 3-4 contractions per hour every day with no progress!!! In summary this little guy has gotten cozy and doesn't seem to be in a hurry to move out. And with all the working from home for 3 weeks and prior bed rest, mother in law care of Charlotte, extra attention from husband and all meals prepared - I'm so relaxed he has no reason to feel stressed!

I'm very happy to have a deadline in place, it was to be the 26th but that's Monday and I wanted some time to try natural methods after my husband works his weekend. So now my goal is to hang tight until Monday and then it's: Operation: get this baby out!


Mama (Heidi) said...

8lbs?? Wow!
Come on out baby boy.

crazywildberry said...

Now you know how I felt with baby number 3. And 2 for that matter. Haha! It's hard to wait and feel that miserable. So, I fully understand and feel your pain. I have been there twice. Your little guy is just so cozy! Blessings on the yoga exercises. Hope they help. Am excited to hear news "any day now"!! Love you!