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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Post Labor and Delivery

Everyone who's had a baby will tell you to take advantage of hospital time to recover because coming home to little ones is stressful.

I tried - I really did but there are just so many interruptions! And once they find out you plan to breast feed, they will drop baby off at every chance - usually because the nursery is understaffed.

Between sleeping and visiting with baby throughout the first night, I saw the following people:
* 12am - my nurse for blood pressure
* 4am - my nurse for blood pressure and pain medication
* 5am - blood work
* 5:30am - baby shows up for feeding
* 6:00am - someone - can't remember who
* 7:30am - my doctor shows up to review my health
* 8:00am - breakfast and my nurse for blood pressure
* 8:30am - baby is back for feeding
* 8:45am - someone shows up to drop off social security paperwork for baby
* 9:00am - baby's pediatrician shows up to talk about his health
* 10:00am - shower and nurse drops off pain meds
* 10:30am - baby's scheduled circumcision
* 12:00pm - lunch and my nurse for blood pressure
* 1:00pm - finally get 1 hour nap
* 2:00pm - baby is back for feeding, spends the remainder of the day with me

By end of the day I asked them to hold baby for one feeding by bottle and bring him back for 2nd feeding - which I planned to be around 4am - queue surprise visit at 1:45am below!

Is it any wonder I was ready to check out after lunch the following day? I had a choice to stay till 7pm where husband would get off work and discharge self and baby or leave around noon with mother-in-law and Charlotte. I chose early discharge so I could spend time with Charlotte and get pain medication filled before closing time. More on Charlotte's behavior with baby later.

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crazywildberry said...

Rachel, how can you remember who came in and visited you that first day! I am amazed! I was so tired and overwhelmed I hardly took notice. Haha! Now I see why you wanted to get home. I usually had a two day stay after each baby. Did you really only stay about 25 hours? You are strong! Wow!