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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Welcome to Random Tuesday, a fun blog hop brought to you by "The Un Mom", head over and check out her super cool graphics.

"Park officials in China have found a way to stop people from hogging their benches for too long — by fitting steel spikes on a coin-operated timer.

If visitors at the Yantai Park in Shangdong Province in Eastern China linger too long without feeding the meter, dozens of sharp spikes shoot through the seat."

Introducing Rumble, sitting on cake holder, which was deposited on floor by toddler who chased the dog with the lid. Wish I had some chocolate cake...

I haven't had good Sushi in a long long time! Being recently pregnant will do that to you. I came across this photo of Japanese Sushi Erasers - makes me hungry!
Shoes - she's become obsessed with our shoes and her shoes. She's tried out all my heels and husband boots this week. It's driving me slightly crazy since she's constantly grabbing at my feet to remove sandals while I'm washing dishes.

BABY HIGHLIGHT - 6 weeks old

Hope y'all have a great random Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Can I do a post topic request?

How (if at all) is your relationship to Sam's progress different that it was with Charlotte?

To clarify...

I've been recently reflecting that I spent a lot of time with E eagerly awaiting whatever was next. When she super teeny and ALWAYS needed holding, I just wanted my right arm back. Then I was like "when is she going to sit already?" and so forth. Earlier this week, she reached the "down" button on the elevator, and it really just smacked me in the face that I have a little GIRL, not a baby.

I'm having some regrets about not appreciating the baby stuff...and doing a lot of "with #2, I'll stop and smell the roses..." Do you find yourself doign that, or in the moment is it still "jeebus I want my arm back already".

I don't know if I'm making sense...but I'd still love your thoughts.

Unknown said...

Aww, gratuitous baby picture! So snuggly too. Those erasures look very scary real. I don't even like sushi but those are cool looking.

Happy RTT!

VandyJ said...

I loved the snuggly baby phase--of course Bruiser is still very snuggly, but much bigger.

silver star said...

Our cat likes to sit on things as well, papers, laps, keyboards, objects that aren't coin-operated w/spikes, etc.

Stacy Uncorked said...

That newsclip from China is hysterical!

Wonder if your cat would freak out if you made a kitty cake?

Those sushi erasers are cool!

Princess Nagger likes to clunk around in mine or dada's shoes - though she's never tried to grab mine off my feet...too funny your little princess does that!

Awwww! I miss the baby snuggle times!!

RTT: Gifted Princess Nagger, Shoe Dilemma

crazywildberry said...

Love that news article.

Can't wait till my visit! (My RT for you.)

All three of my kids loved wearing shoes. My little Man was constantly wearing boots in the middle of the summer when he was a kid. And I thought all kids took their parents' shoes off to wear them. LOL! At least all three of mine did.

Sam is looking cute, cute, cute!

Louise said...

Hey there,

Oooh yeah - I MISSED sushi through the pregnant/breastfeeding phase. ALMOST as much as alcohol and caffeine (but I got over those in a bit and STILL wanted sushi - go figure).

Re: your comment about cloth diapers on my blog - yeah - I found particularly at the really young age cloth was runny and I had lots of "leak throughs". It got better after a bit. I think it was a combo of baby regulating herself better and me getting a better sense of when she needed changing.

Hope cloth works for you! Once we figured it out it was good for us.

Also - do you know you post comments as a No Reply blogger so I can't email you responses to your comments on my blog? If it's a choice, all good - just wanted to make sure you knew. I couldn't see any way to email my cloth diaper comment to you without posting a comment is all. I might have missed it.

Wild Child said...

So strange about that sushi. I craved it with number two. Just yesterday I went and had myself a bento box lunch with a little sushi, tempura and fried rice. It was heaven!

Erin said...

Ok the cat on the cake plate is so adorable! And the baby highlight is what I would like to look like at about 2pm daily!