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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunglasses - gone!

I have this bad habit if hooking my sunglasses on my shirt. Today was no
exception. As I headed for the bathroom at Chinese customs station, I grabbed a
roll of toilet paper from my purse, handed purse to co-worker, hooked glasses
into shirt, briefly considered putting them in purse but was already mid-stride
to squat toilet and wanted to end the experience as quickly as possible.

Without going into too many embarrassing details, I assumed the position and
glasses promptly fell into the hole - not just the hole but into the deep deep
part of the hole. I briefly contemplated how far I would have to reach to find
$60.00 glasses. I immediately rationalized that they had recently appeared
crooked on my face and was tired of the design anyway. Furthermore, there is no
soap in said bathroom and could not imagine how to clean glasses or hand.

My sun glasses are now in a Chinese customs squat toilet (attached photo is far
cleaner - found on internet)