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Saturday, May 16, 2015

I'm taking it slow today for no reason except to preserve my sanity

I have a horrible tendency to over plan my weekends, which coincidently is the largest portion of the week my kids get to see me, so priorities...

Today started at 5:30 where I dozed until 5:50 and then fed the baby.  I decided there was just enough time to make muffins and get a shower before leaving for the 7am ladies breakfast and bible study.  I was only 11 minutes late.

I spotted two yard sales on my way home at 9 that had kids toys so after feeding baby I announced it was time for yard sales!  The next hour it got hot outside and somewhat unbearable so after aquiring a wooden rocking horse, a wooden cradle, a book set that only works with a special pen, Sopia doll and scooter we came home and picked dad up to go pick up his truck at the mechanic followed by a stop at McDonalds for lunch.

After lunch I did my best to work on a church project after dispensing art supplies to the older kids and managed to cut out 6 letters for a sign before baby signaled her complete and utter dismay at being put down.  I then tried to do dishes while holding her.  By 2 I finally realized it was time to just sit and rest and I have not moved for 2 hours.  Baby seems quite pleased and dispite the noise level she did sleep.  Although it's extremely hard to disapline older kids while whispering!

And now it's raining, I'm not going anywhere with 4 kids in the rain!  So I've put on a nature film, because I'm tired of cartoons and so far the only complaint is "wait, does this only have animals?  I only like films with people".  Quality time with mom, well at least I'm having fun!

Soon the girls are cheering on the seals to escape and we all cheer as the little seal pops up behind some ice.  We talk about how cute the capuchin monkeys are and suddenly we have a captive audience.  We watch flying fish and cheer them on!  Dad gets ready to leave for the store and only one goes with him.  There's an overlord to watch, the leader of a hippo herd!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

So we made it to church, late, thus adding to my anxiety.  I hate being late for church.  I had a severe pain in my left breast due to clogged milk ducts and it picked Mother's day to get really good and sore.  I made a bee line for the nursing room and spent Sunday School with the baby.  I could hear through the speaker parts of the Sunday school lesson but I had a hard time paying attention.  Near the end a dear friend from West Virginia came in to say hi.  I didn't even know she was going to be there that day.  She looked at me and simply said, "so, how's your Mother's day going?"  I told her the kids made gifts of play doh and she laughed with me.  I told her about the pain I was having, because that's what girls do when we get together, pray for each other's pain.  I was so thankful to have someone in my corner.  My day had started a little rough.  She said her son fell off the treadmill yesterday with it on full speed.  That's pretty scary, I've heard of kids dying that way.  She said she spent Saturday preparing food for Mother's day because that's what mom's do - make food on Mother's day.  I know my mom sure did. 

Maybe it's the total onslaught of Facebook messages of how great and cool peoples lives are on Mother's Day?  My page was just a long stream of "look what my family did for me!"  Or the websites promoting everything mom's deserve?  But I don't really know if it's practical for mom to take an entire day off from - what dishes?  Cleaning?  If mom's not doing it then is dad supposed to spend the entire day doing these things?  Or does it all wait until Monday?

When we left for church I assumed we didn't have lunch plans since no one told me anything so I pulled a slice of ham from the freezer and threw it in a skillet to thaw.  Fortunately my brother, who is single and has time, made lunch and invited mom.  I don't know what happened but I completely forgot he told me 3 weeks ago he was doing so.  That part was wonderful.  He even made my favorite pie - lemon meringue pie! 

After my brother left, my husband went out with the kids and got some really pretty flowers and things for dinner so we had a really nice evening with my favorite meal - Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp. 

I think next year I'd just like a day off for Mother's day to go read a book for a day, maybe on Saturday so we can still have lunch with mom on Sunday.  That would be nice.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Things we saw outside today!

We stopped at McDonalds for a little snack, only because it was on the way to the trail and it was getting hot so I didn't want to lose time.  While sitting in the drive through I watched a finch hammering a beetle.  The beetle was a shimmery blue bug and I was kinda hoping he'd escape through the pink leaves but the finch was determined!  After bashing the poor bug and removing all his legs I watched him fly into the tree hole and - gasp- awwww feed the baby birds.  Funny how perspective changes when it's a cute baby being fed.  Now we're all ooohing and ahhhhhing.  Sorry pretty blue beetle!

Next we went to the C&O canal while Charlotte informed me that everyone would really prefer to go to a park with slides and swings.  Resolutely Moms prevailed and we hit the trail!  Four kids to one adult.  I call these practice runs in getting four kids to follow simple commands in public like walk in two's or in our case baby in front pack and Vi holding my hand and the other two behind me.  

Next we practiced listening when mom calls "bicycle, move to the right".  By the end of the walk they were doing it without being asked.  Mom win!!

I've learned to pass out cups or bags for nature walks because they are always collecting stuff.  Sam remarked that he had found many beautiful things!  

We saw a pair of Mallard Ducks and Charlotte says "let's not mess with them so they can enjoy their swamp", to which Violette replies "but I wanna mess with them".

Surprisingly no one wanted to step inside this tree.

I thought these tree mushrooms were interesting.

It was fun and no one tumbled into water or down a steep rocky path.

Monday, May 04, 2015

May the 4th be with You ~ 2015

This took a bit of planning.  First I found an image of Princess Leia's blaster, saved file and opened in Illustrator.  I created a template to copy and then printed it full size on 8.5 x 11 paper.  Then I glued it to 1/2" thick black foam core and cut it out with an x-acto blade.  It was very rough and too thin.  I think I will work on the template to be a bigger gun that's shown other movie images if we repeat this pose again.

The outfit is just a sheet that's wrapped around her and fastened with safety pins in the back.   We did our best to match the following pose.  I think a bigger blaster would definitely be better.

For dinner we made Bantha Burgers, Tattoine Tots, Yoda Soda and Tie Fighter cookies for dessert

Apologies to the rest of the Molder Clan for not including you visually in this post.  Sam was holding the white foam core behind Charlotte and Violette was running around the yard in her diaper.  Evie was clinging to dad as she always does and everyone but Evie enjoyed the Tie Fighter cookies, they are just so cute and fun to eat. 

Tie Fighter Cookie Recipe
  • 4 bags of 100 calorie snack packs of Oreo Thin Crisps (Aldi has a generic brand)
  • White Chocolate chips
  • Mini Marshmallows
Open two bags of cookies and lay them on a tray.  Melt 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips in the microwave in two 30 second intervals, stir.  Glue the marshmallow to the cookie with the melted white chocolate.  We used a paintbrush.  Open 2 remaining bags and glue the tops on.