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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday evening at the beach

I've had so much energy today! Enough to motivate the entire family to march off to the beach at 6pm!!

We haven't been since Memorial Day and Charlotte missed it. Walking down she kept stopping to touch the sand - as if to say "Yes, it's just the way I left it."

She had so much fun playing in the waves! I love seeing how happy she gets at the ocean edge.
We are getting some awesome waves from post Tropical Storm Bonnie, the lifeguard stand says DANGER RIP CURRENTS so no snorkeling tonight! Oh yeah I was going to!! I'm serious, I brought my gear.
Last pregnant photo with baby boy, not taking any more. This is 38 weeks.
And here's the moon, two days before it hits full moon status.


Miss. C said...

What great photos!!! Good luck, you are almost there!!!!!!!!!

Grit said...

what beautiful pictures! here's wishing you a time of happy nearly-there days! xx

crazywildberry said...

Wow! Since Memorial Day? That's a long time for her to not go to the beach. No wonder she was acting so excited and marveled. Cute! Awesome piture of you and Charlotte. I would suggest just one more of just you. One for the son's baby book. Just a last look of you and him. :) However, I really like that one. :)

happy labor! Can't wait to hear some awesome news! :)

Lisa said...

Oh, how I wish that we were that close to a beach! And if only I looked that good in a bathing suit without a pregnant belly :-)

Wishing you lots of rest and peacefulness in these next few days/weeks.