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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We have progress!!!

Just a little update (warning, slightly graphic pregnancy notes below):

Walked 2 miles this morning, got up too late to do 3 - the heat is too tremendous to walk once the sun is visible!

Went to doctor's office for 10:15am visit to have my membranes scraped in preparation to be induced tomorrow. Never got to find out what that means because I'm 2.5cm dilated!!! Which translates to delighted!!! Apparently all that yoga and walking has pushed baby boy's head way down - explains all the pressure I'd been feeling all morning - and my bodies getting ready.

Now for the hard part - my doctor is off work the rest of the day. So I was told to go home and cross my legs, stop all the crazy excessive walking and yoga and show up to the hospital at 6am sharp.

She will wait till noon to start the pectin (induce labor) if nothing has happened because I want to try and avoid this if at all possible.

She's confident I will have the baby by tomorrow!!! And not a moment too soon because she's going out of town for a doctor's conference from July 30 - August 8th!

I'm downright giddy at this point. I've called my boss and arranged maternity leave - yeah I left it to the last minute but it's settled. And now I'm ready to settle into a cozy life of babies and sleepless nights.


crazywildberry said...

UNCROSS THOSE LEGS!!! WALK SOME MORE!!! Someone will help you get through the labor even if it isn't the doctor you want. The nurses do most of the work anyhow. And it will be the same nurses from the same hospital whether you wait till then or do it now!!! WALK, WALK, WALK!!! This is what they have been hoping and waiting for, and so have you, so why wait more?! Little man is getting uncomfortable. :D Yah!!! And why gamble that he will get comfortable from now till tomorrow???

When I was in labor with baby #2, they told me to hold until the doctor got there. I pushed. Sorry. It hurt and the baby was coming. I wasn't waiting. LOL! The nurses were just as good as catching as any doctor. Luckily, the doctor got there just in time, but I will not wait for slow doctors. Get there or be square! LOL!

GREAT NEWS!! Now, try for 2 miles tonight! Hehehe!!! And go for some yoga. You got babysitting covered. Nothing more should be holding you back.

BTW, sound like you are good to go for 12 AM. Why are they making you wait?! That's irritating! YAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

(Can you tell I am exited?!)

R. Molder said...

My doctor isn't working till 6am! So that's the only reason I'm trying to hang in there!!

crazywildberry said...

Nah, fiddle faddle. Anyone can catch a baby. It's not like she (or he) doesn't know you are close. Go in and tell the nurses to wake your doctor or Mike will be catching! And if he should drop the baby you are suing! LOL! Blessings, girl! I am rooting for you! :) Love you!

call me when the baby is born! I will have the cell phone on all night and morning!! :D (Hey, it's not too late to send me a ticket for tonight to help in the AM. JK!) Happy labor!

Grit said...

i'm so excited! fingers crossed for a quick and easy baby!

Unknown said...

Yay!! You're going to do great--your body remembers what to do! Enjoy your last night of sleep (haha, as if, right?)
Best wishes for an easy delivery, healthy & happy momma & baby!

Susan DiMickele said...

WOW, can't wait to see if it's tomorrow. Let's keep talking about the stay-at-home dad stuff -- my husband has been a trooper, and it's great to connect with others who have made the same decision. I totally agree with the "quiet" disapproval, but I also think it's becoming more normal. In my department, several of the women/mothers are the breadwinners, and several of our husbands have scaled back to take care of the kids!