Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy 16th Anniversary to my Wonderful Husband

Last year was spent combing head lice.  This year was spent driving to Texas on day 6 of a trip that was only supposed to take 3 days.  We stopped at Target in the morning to get lattes and our favorite breakfast foods - chocolate croissant for me and apple fritter for him.  I bought a People Magazine which I used to get pre-kids and read on the beach.  It's not a great magazine and I've lost track of most of the celebrities highlighted but for one hour I pretended to be on a beach with my breakfast and magazine instead of in a van driving until 11pm!

Next year, can we do something that just involves the 2 of us that is fun and not involving bugs or driving all day?

We took some really amazing vacation before kids.  One was in 2002 where we went to Big Bear, CA for 4 days.  We had fun mountain biking down an entire mountain and we got really sun burned.  The food was great there and we really enjoyed the area.  I'm glad we did fun vacations pre-kids. 

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Kids + Rain = Mud

Yesterday the kids played in the rain, which led to playing in the mud, then covering themselves in mud.  It was a horrible mess, but they had fun.  They even got the baby to join in the fun.

Violette not pictured because she refused to associate herself with these two mud balls and she was much more careful about getting dirty.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Day of School!

Sam - last day of Kindergarten
Charlotte - last day of Second Grade

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Day 7 of Asia Trip

I woke up at 7:30, dreaming about picnic foods - Boston baked beans, Southern pinto beans, fried chicken and brownies. I must be in serious need of some American food.  When we got back into Hong Kong the night before, I took my co-worker to Ruth Chris Steakhouse, it's 100% American but on a more refined palette so no baked beans or fried chicken here!  The waiter still remembers my name, even though it's been 2 years since I was last in Hong Kong!

  • back story - in 2007 I came to Asia for 2 trips, one of which I got so tired of the local food that I started going to Ruth Chris Steakhouse every night for a week straight.  I'd sit at the bar and read a book and just order something simple because I'm not a big steak fan and I was worried the bill might raise alarms at accounting so I kept it simple.  The bartender got to know me and remembered my name.  I came home, got pregnant with Charlotte, and didn't go back for 18 months wherein he immediately recognized me and remembered my name.  So we're going on almost 10 years now and even though it's been 2 years since I was here last, he still remembered my name when we walked in.  He also remembers my favorite hot mustard sauce without me even asking for it!  
Back to Sunday!  One full glorious day to ourselves with no work responsibilities!!  After working 65 hours this past week, we deserve it!

I start the day with a Jillian Michael's Shred workout using giant 3lb water bottles in my room for weights.  I'm energized and ready for the day!

Still making my own coffee, but note the China hot pot gets to level scalding while the Hong Kong hot pot is just hot.

Pull together my stuff in a cute Duffy/Shellie May bag that my team made, it's one of a kind because it's had changes since this was made, then I go on a hunt for cheap sunglasses because mine kinda broke.  Instead I find this adorable 3 part travel kit that I can transfer my Rodan + Fields into for short trips and a tiny spray bottle!  So happy!  I also find another 7-Eleven with more Disney face masks so I'm up to Alien, Stitch and Baymax for the kids.  Just need one more for Evie.

I come back to the hotel, collect co-worker, and after a quick money exchange we're off to Hullett House for lunch.  I love visiting Hullet House because the restaurants are always really good and trendy but they seem to change every 2 years so with the frequency that I visit Asia it's always a new experience.  This time we ate at Stables Grill and the food was excellent!

After lunch I took my co-worker down to Star Ferry Harbour and we took photos of the really old trees that the Hullet House is built around.  

Photos do not do the trees justice, they are very old and it's fascinating to me that Hong Kong has taken such care to build their structures around the trees.  

We looked at the movie options but there was only Captain America playing so we moved onto The Langham for afternoon tea.  I've always wanted to do British Tea with someone else but I'm almost always traveling solo so it was really nice to have tea with my co-worker, especially since she's a huge fan of tea.  It was truly an epic experience.  

We were so full at the end that we had to save most of the biscuits for later.  After this we returned to the hotel and went our separate ways for a few hours.  I got caught up on personal bills and then at 7pm we went out for dinner at Ruth Steak house again.  What a lovely day, I'm so glad we got to spend at least one day in Hong Kong without working.  

Day 6 of Asia Trip

Today is our last work day in China for this week and we get to go back to Hong Kong for the weekend!!!

Happy Dance!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 5 of Asia Trip

It's Friday, meaning we still have a Saturday work day ahead of us.

Happy Friday the 13th, I text my husband.

I trudge out of bed and make my morning coffee, thankful that the weather hasn't been as bad as Tuesday and that we are done with open markets and printing shops for the week.  Looking forward to a day of sitting in a sample room all day and working with the pattern designers on their developments.

We head back to the Sushi place for lunch followed by Starbucks, they do know how to spoil me.  In the evening after work, our Hong Kong GM announces she's going out with a friend so my US co-worker and I are left to our own devices in the hotel.  We find a lounge and order pizza.  The guy who showed us to the lounge says it's the movie room, which sounds exciting until you see it's just a bunch of screens with sports.

The pizza's good and we then retired to our rooms with nothing to do but read books for 2 hours before bedtime.  I can't post any blogs in China because it's through Google and Google is blocked in China so any post from this week are written in Hong Kong and post dated.

I spend the 2 hours packing, reading and playing games on my phone.  The only snafu is my laundry was not returned and we are checking out the next day so I call with some trepidation as sometimes they don't speak enough English but an hour later my laundry showed up.

Thankful for a mostly quiet and easy day.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 4 of Asia Trip

Today we went to the open market.  This was probably the most frightening experience of my entire life!  The market is a giant sprawling building with roads built between the rows of material vendors so that bicycles, motorcycles, 3-wheeled vehicles and even small trucks can zoom through and drop off/pick up loads of materials.  Everyone is going in a crazy zig zag pattern as we do our best to walk in a consistent straight line to the sides and not get hit.  I swear there was one point where I got so tired from the heat that I had that deer in the headlight look as a motorcycle headed straight my way.  I'ts not death I fear, but getting injured badly and stuck in a hospital in China with legs in traction for months at a time; thankfully we all survived!

This is definitely not a job for the weak, my hat goes off to the guys who come here to pick up all the fabrics needed for our developments and I can certainly see how they might get a little distraught when we suddenly change our minds on which fabrics to use!  I shall certainly be more careful from now on!