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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Rude Awakening

1:45 am - nurse crashes through the door with baby demanding he be fed, waking me from a sound sleep! She has the manners of a one day old!

Let me backtrack a bit. I last fed baby at 10 and asked the nursury to give him a bottle for his next meal then bring him back to me for the next. I calculated 4am as his 2nd meal so imagine my confusion when nurse and crying baby come crashing through the door at 1:45. She doesn't hand me the baby or turn the light on and I've just learned it's very hard to feed a baby in the dark even with a netflix movie running in the background for a little light which I managed to set up with one hand.

Also learned baby is eating less than 2 hours apart! Sigh, but he's so cute.


crazywildberry said...

Ok, so nurse needs to go back to manners school. That's for sure. I am not sure that I was ever woken by a nurse crashing through my door. They usually walked in quietly which got me up just fine. And she couldn't give the baby to you? That's just strange.

Two hours apart is pretty standard for newborns, I always thought. And we are dealing with a boy too. Bigger appetite than a girl. That I always thought was standard too. At least in my little family it is. :) Have you seen my son? Hahaha! And, you are right, Sam is SO cute.

R. Molder said...

Yeah it was all very disorienting!!!!

Louise said...

Eeesh - I don't miss that part of the early days - the feedings so close together. And your nurse crashing through the door sounds awful - I know how much I cherished any sleep at that time.

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All the best!