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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Random Tuesday


Welcome to another week of Random Tuesday!

Random Links:
  • "The most inspirational people keep to their principles whether or not anybody is watching them." My favorite line from this post.
  • Only about a Third of Tweets are worth reading, according to this study. Read more to learn how to improve your tweets!
  • Are you looking for a good coupon blog? Around Christmas I started following 5+ blogs but I've slowly whittled them down to one blog, because the host is just so awesome and consistent at finding the best deals. Check out Mommy Saving Mom for great savings!!

Random Kid Update:

  • Charlotte appears to be having a blast in Texas, she got her nails down at the salon with grandma! Sounds like a Princess day to me!!
  • Sam is having fun playing with all of Charlotte's toys and having no one take them away but he's starting to miss her. He's clinging to us and wanting more attention lately.

Random Pregnancy Update:

  • I had to take the 3 hour glucose test last week and I passed! No more tests, no gestational diabetes!
  • Yesterday was the first day I walked out on a doctor's appt. I had been there for 1.5 hours and they still did not seem anywhere close to seeing me and I had the all important Monday morning work debrief with the entire team at 10:30, so I rescheduled for Thursday at 7:45am! Sometimes you just have to walk away.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Tuesday! I'll stop by Stacy's blog later today to check out other Random followers.


Claire said...

Yay for no gestational diabetes. I hear those suck.

Cathy Kennedy said...

The inspirational post was touching. It reminds me of the poor widow in the Bible, giving all she had to give. The scarfice she was willing to make for the greater good. I'm certain this is the way this gentleman as he offered his humble gift to the church, and I sure the Lord in turn blessed him mightly. Glad to hear our glucose levels are okay. That's such a difficult test to take while pregnant, too. Thanks for randoming!

Christa the BabbyMama said...

One and a half hours! That's terrible. Glad you walked - it's not cool. We get that with pedi appointments because our doc is willing to talk and talk, but let's be reasonable!

Stacy Uncorked said...

That's my favorite line from that inspirational post, too - thanks for sharing that, it gave me goosebumps! :)

Glad Charlotte is having a great time, I bet both you and Sam will be very happy when she gets home.

Yay for passing the glucose test!! Such a relief! Not so much a relief - 1.5 hours waiting?? That's crazy. I totally would have walked out and rescheduled too.

Madonna Still Rocks, M.I.A. Steals the Headlines, and Another Stray Cat

S N-B said...

How to make your tweets better? Do we have nothing better to do with our time?
Yay on the glucose test! I only had to do the 1 hour one and the stuff the Germans use tastes like cranberry juice! It was yummy! So much better than the nasty orange stuff I had to drink the first time I was pregnant.
Happy RTT!

harrietb said...

I find that Twitter study to be a bit generous. Facebook is probably close.

Have a great rest of your day!

rubberbacon said...

I have to agree Harriet on the Twitter study, there are days when I think it's closer to 1% are worth reading!

rubberbacon said...

That Cranberry Juice sounds better, I had to do the horrible orange drink twice!

rubberbacon said...

That cranberry juice sounds better, I had to do the orange stuff twice. Thanks for stopping by and chatting!!

rubberbacon said...

Yeah we are all looking forward to Charlotte returning Saturday, she may be a drama queen but we miss her dearly! Thanks for stopping by!!!

rubberbacon said...

Yeah I have to agree, 1.5 hours is too long for a doctor's visit, especially when one has to be at work that day! I'm all for catching up on reading but I wish they'd just tell you when you check in that hey, it's going to be a long wait! Is that to much to ask?

rubberbacon said...

Glad you enjoyed the inspirational post, I really like that author's style. Thank for stopping by my blog!!

rubberbacon said...

Yes Yeah for no gestational diabetes! Thanks for stopping by!