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Friday, February 22, 2013

Condo Tales ~ Your Neighbors Are Watching You

This morning I drove up to the front gate and while waiting for it to swing open, a neighbor, who I did not recognize entered the opposite side and suddenly gestured for me to roll down my window.  Odd but okay.  He then proceeded to ask if we were selling our red car, gave me his address and now I know he's the one who lives across from us with his family who has the window open all the time (except when it's closed to smoke weed) so they must be watching us.

We don't have a "for sale" sign on the red car.

We haven't driven the red car for 3-4 weeks because it broke down one morning and I've been on a marathon travel schedule so it just sat in a guest parking spot.  I guess neighbors noticed.  They noticed we now have 3 cars and came to the conclusion that we might not need all 3 cars.

Now I might not mention this except that another neighbor - fortunately one we actually know - ALSO came to us asking if we are selling the red car!

Two neighbors!

Which got me to thinking that my neighbors are watching me.  Even the ones I don't recognize!  

In conclusion, if you value privacy, do NOT live in a condo.  

PS. Oh, by the way if you are interested in a car it is a red Pontiac Grand Am 2004, let me know we can work out a deal :)

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