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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Strict Bed Rest

As adverse to the non-strict bed rest I did several weeks ago I'm now on "strict" bed rest! This doctor's visit found the following details:

* cervix is 80% softened
* 1/2 cm dilated
* occasional contraction felt

Going on medication, being advised to lay on left side and mother in law is coming into town tonight at 11pm to help with Charlotte!

The doctor and I are hoping to get one more week of growth before baby boy arrives.

In bed for approximately 5 minutes before deciding 3 books must be bought on Amazon! I swear I will control spending from bed! I just needed 3 books to get me through the next two weeks!


Anonymous said...

What did you get?

Grit said...

oh wow, sending you lots of good wishes from over here!

R. Molder said...

Hi Crystal - I really enjoyed the book you recommended "Cleopatra's Daughter" by Michelle Moran so I ordered her two remaining books along with Philippa Gregory's new book "The White Queen" coming out August 2nd. I love historical fiction!!!!

Thanks Grit! Doing okay so far!

crazywildberry said...

Keep those feet propped up and put ear plugs in to keep you from rushing to Charlotte's aid. She is in good hands. :) Little man just needs a little more time. It's so nice you have a mil who can drop everything and come help you out. Hope you get in lots of reading time. After two, it dwindles. After three, I can barely remember what it's like.