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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nothing yet

I attended the 11:30 - 1pm pre-natal yoga class, funny how 20 minutes south in Hollywood and the people are so different from my usual class in Coral Springs.

We then went to my teacher's temple where they let her teach private classes - my first time in a Jewish temple! It was really pretty. We did an hour session where she showed me how to stretch and open up for birth. It was so nice of her to work with myself and husband!

But in the end nothing happened. Baby feels like he's lower, his butt is now about 5" lower than it's been for weeks - not getting my hopes up yet!

I've heard eating Eggplant Parmesan makes women go into labor so we had that tonight.

Today on Facebook my friends sent a ton of messages with ideas for going into labor - top 3 seem to be:
1. Have lots of sex
2. Go hill hopping - this involves either a riding lawn mower or ATV and some good hills to catch air on
3. Drink castor oil

Finally, thanks for all your comments of late; you guys have me laughing so hard!!! I may not comment to everyone but I'm sure enjoying the comments.


Miss. C said...

Walking around the zoo did it for me!!!! Good luck on Thursday!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The only advice I can give about going into "natural" labor based on my own experiences is to go in for your induction...I went in to get the cervix ripening thing (totally don't remember anymore what it's called) and I was in labor (what I had been calling "wow, the baby is pushing her butt up against me today-*headesk*". When I went back the next am it had petered out...so yeah, sorry I guess I really don't have any advice.

crazywildberry said...

Hope something works for you!


Laugh till you giggle that boy out!

Dance to some good ole oldies music. Twist might work. Shake your booty! :)

Walk up and down some stairs. There has to be a stadium somewhere near you that you and Mike could go to.

Run lightly. I mean, really. We aren't trying to hurt the poor boy. Just make him uncomfortable. LOL!

And, as I said before, sex. However, I can't guarantee this approach. My husband wouldn't touch me with a ten-foot pole that close to the end of pregnancy. He seriously didn't want to be accused of hurting our children if something went wrong during. LOL! He is so funny! :D

Whatever you do and however this baby comes, I am excited to hear.