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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goodbye dinner

Thursday night, goodbye dinner hosted by my boss.  They almost made me cry with this drawing that everyone signed - almost :)

Last Beach Day

Despite the rain, we manage to squeeze in a beach evening.  My cousin is in town for our last week to help with the kids on the drive up north and I've promised at least one beach day.

We stay until night comes.  The baby is tired and hungry but she had a blast.  No one ever wants to leave the beach but we had so much left to do.  I think we were up till midnight after getting the kids to bed!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Charlotte's Pre-School Graduation

The rain has been tremendous all week and as I drive in the pouring rain she falls asleep.

I want to enjoy this day but my nerves are raw, we are moving in a week and the trailer my husband is building is getting warped with the endless rain.  

At the school I sit in the truck for a few minutes, waiting for the deluge to subside and attempt to put things into perspective.  Umbrella forgotten at work, which just shows how distracted we really are.  Who forgets an umbrella with this much rain every day???

We finally head inside and I think I will return to work for an hour before the graduation starts because I'm desparate to not fall behind with all the moving chaos but they tell me to stay and get a good seat in the front.  An hour to sit and think of things I might need - water, sweater, camera and socks for Charlotte so she can change out of her stockings after the ceremony.  So I start texting husband while he's trying to get the two remaining kids out the door, in the rain.  He's short with me and that just adds to my stress.

Husband arrives and I disconnect from him, focusing on an unruly two year old who will not stay in his seat.  We are at the very front though so when Charlotte comes through the door wild eyed and looking for her family we are easy to find, waving back like all is fine.

Her bright pink dress makes her stand out in the class as they say the pledge of allegiance.

They move on to a song and dance, I love how she stands out in her bright dress.

Followed by a long procession of 2 and 3 year olds, at which point I realized this is more than just a graduation for the pre-school!  More wrestling with Sam enshues as he throws himself backwards into the family behind us and would have fallen on his head if someone hadn't caught him.  The baby is bouncing wildly on dad's arm while he bravely tries to film the event.

Finally our moment has arrived! Charlotte enters the stage to accept her diploma!!!

My princess, I'm so proud of her!  We stayed in Florida an extra year just so she could attend this school and we are so happy with what she's learned and accomplished.  The teachers and staff have been so incredibly warm and friendly to our little family and they have made our first year of school a truly memorable experience.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart to For Him Christian Academy.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Two weeks before moving

This little person has conditioned herself to sleep in the morning so that she can "help" mama pack in the afternoon while the older 2 should be napping.

This one has also elected to stay up and help.

Which means I get to have conversations about why Violette can't have chop sticks.

And explain that if she pokes her eye out it will be too late so no you can't just watch her play with the chop sticks.

And then have to tell her to stop tapping her baby sister on the head with the chop sticks!

Oh and no chop sticks are not meant to pick up river rocks (that Violette stole from the fountain I'm trying to clean).

Stop cleaning to remove a rock from Violette's mouth.  Exasperated, put away cleaning equipment as she gnaws on the ladder!

Baaaaaaaaaa!!! She yells.  She seems to be really enjoying this mess of packing supplies and random stuff.

Meanwhile the oldest rocks wildly on her rocking horse.

I give up and serve snacks.

Looks like someone got an outfit change.