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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

This fun blog hop brought to you by "The Un Mom", head over and check out her super cool graphics.

It’s Tuesday again and yes I’m stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill pregnant. I’ve given up; well I have given up the medication that is supposed to keep me from going into labor so bring it on! I will enter the hospital cheering through gritted teeth while fighting off contractions!!! But perhaps he could wait just one more day – today is my 10th year wedding anniversary.

Here’s a few of my Random Observations from this past week.

- Toilet Paper Orientation
Would you believe there is an entire Wikipedia page about Over or Under toilet paper preference? I’m an Over fan! I even correct it in the girl’s bathroom at work, someone keeps putting it under and they are too scared to reverse it when I flip it Over. Maybe I’m an Over bully!

- Any ideas for how to entertain a toddler indoors?
It’s our version of winter. Up north you stay inside when it’s cold, down here we stay inside for the summer. On Sunday husband and I went out to eat in Hollywood, FL and walking 10 minutes in the sun made me want to puke and pass out – but I digress. So due to the extreme heat, we don’t want to go outside or even drive anywhere so Charlotte has been watching a lot of SpongeBob and TV. Open to any ideas for alternative entertainments. Already getting really good with crayons and stickers.

- Husband is doing great things with his mom in town.
He’s finished a wooden stand to hold our Moses Basket along with diligently searching for a 2nd vehicle and a myriad of other chores that would normally be compromised with a 2 year olds involvement. I’m quite pleased.


amanda said...

I admit, I'm an under person and i like to drive my mom nuts when I visit because I change her rolls around. :) Up until we got our most recent cat I really didn't care how the TP when on, but waking up to find a roll either shreaded or unravelled made me change. She hasn't attacked it since I switched it.

If you're brave try finger painting. Also, this is an easy clean up, but I'd suggest a high chair or somewhere contained. Mix corn starch and water. http://sterner.tripod.com/goop.html It's really cool! Throw away pie plates are a great place to do this in too...then you can just throw it away.
Apparently I'm all about the mess this morning. :)

R. Molder said...

You know Amanda, pets are one of the biggest reasons people choose Under! I myself haven't had any pet issues to motivate the under switch.

And thanks for the tip on finger painting, sounds like a good way to play with food and color too!

Julia Ladewski said...

i'm an over person... very adament about that.

oh, and my daughter probably loves ... hmm... i don't know. she's only 3 so i don't think she knows each of their stories all that well. but probably cinderella and mermaid (arielle)

crazywildberry said...

God's timing, Rach! That baby will be here soon enough. I am glad for him that he's getting in the extra time. :) Sorry, I know you must be miserable.

I am an over person. However, I could switch if I had a pet that I was always cleaning up after. Although, that would SO go against my grain.

Toddler entertainment:
Puzzles of 24 pieces of less. The ones with little knobs would be good.
Crayons, washable markers, washable paints (although NOT washable from fabric), paper.
Playdoh and playdoh shapes
Glue sticks and squishy shapes (wal-mart in craft dept) and construction paper
Swim in bathtub
Roll a ball

Movies we like:
Veggie Tales
Blue's Clues
Richard Scarry
Thomas the Tank Engine
Real Wheels
Angelina Ballerina
Disney Movies