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Monday, July 05, 2010


I've got it in spades! I'm used to a fairly active life, walking 2-3 miles per morning before breakfast and then getting laundry done before leaving for work. If you've followed my blog for any length of time you know how much I cherish active weekends with Charlotte. So this bed rest, take it easy concept has been hard to do. I still feel perfectly normal and healthy. All body parts are working correctly. It's almost inconceivable to stay in bed all day - which I haven't done, I've mostly just sat around the house.

My mother in law is here to help with Charlotte so I haven't had to do any dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning or cooking for several days - yes I LOVE this BUT it does gnaw away at my independence. I just want to grab a cleaner and go after the bathroom with a vengeance. Patience - husband will get to it.

I have managed to do one thing for myself that gives me a little privacy and independence. I've moved my computer into the master bedroom so I have the time to spend on the internet while resting. It's not much but believe me there would be no peace in the main living space when being spotted by a 2 year old is cause for demands to present endless YouTube videos and SpongeBob. It sounds like I'm hiding from my parental obligations doesn't it? But I can assure you I'm so rested and relaxed at this point it looks like the baby has decided to stay in for awhile!!! I'm still having contractions sporadically throughout the day and night but nothing consistent enough to yell "it's time"! Anyway, I'm supposed to stay quiet and rested until Friday when we reach the 36 week mark and then I suppose everyone will calm down and agree it's okay for the baby to arrive. Until then, I just might say "howdy ya'll" every day around here!

And now for an update on things I'm thankful for:
13. Independence Day
14. Holy Heritage from my parents and faithful grandmothers
15. America – and all the freedoms I enjoy by living here
16. Mother In Law – who doesn’t hesitate to drop everything to come help our little family.
17. My mother’s church – who has prayed continuously for me during this pregnancy
18. Husband – who makes big incredible meals that are so satisfying


Miss. C said...

It IS tought to accept help from others and I think your retreat was a good idea!! Praying for a smooth journey to the end for you!!!

crazywildberry said...

Sounds like heaven to me, but I think I will be on edge too. It's hard to sit back and do nothing when you would like to just dash in there and do. Hope you can find enough to keep you occupied till the baby's arrival. Keep me in mind. I can always get the kids involved in something if you are so bored out of you mind that you HAVE to call me. Haha! Just keep those feet up and keep little man where he needs to be till the time is right. Blessings, Rachel. I will keep you in my prayers. <3