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Monday, August 02, 2010

Multitude Monday

I just love starting the week with gratitude, so much of my life has been spent grumbling about back to work Monday's. Visit blogger Ann Voskamp for her thankful moments.

Today I'm grateful for the following:

21. Boppy Pillow - it's this U shaped pillow that props baby up next to me so he's still at a great angle for digestion and I can grab him quickly when he starts making hungry faces.

22. Adequate health care to cover a hospital stay

23. Samuel John Molder - Oh I'm so thankful for this little guy!!!

24. Good friends - who cheer me on through my choices in life, it's great to have your own personal cheering squad!!!

25. Cameras - to record important moments

26. Lettuce and green veggies - to rebuild iron after losing a liter of blood, lettuce never tasted so good. I almost always pick out the lettuce, I'm not a greens eater but post pregnancy I'm craving it!

27. Baby boy clothes - I'm blessed with so many cute little outfits!

28. Lanolin cream - if you've ever breast feed, you will appreciate the wonders this does to heal chapped places!

29. WIFI in hospitals - it was so much fun getting tons of Facebook comments and posting Sam's first photos while in the hospital!

30. Our labor nurse from Nigeria, her name is Funky and when she walked into our room she had the quiet confidence of a very experienced nurse. We enjoyed her company so much!


Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, how sweet is Samuel John? Precious. Love that hair.

crazywildberry said...

Loved that we didn't have to pay much for having each baby either. Love health care coverage!!

Your little man is SO cute! Such a full head of hair. My babies looked like that too! I love it!

I am happy for you too! (BTW, visit my blog sometime...)

You should try fresh spinach salads. I could see you liking those. I love fresh spinach with two or three of the following: grape halves/cranberries/apples pieces/strawberries/blueberries in whatever combo you like and almond pieces. Then, I finish them off with a little raspberry vinaigrette for flavor. Just delish! Sometimes I add some feta cheese. Spinach is great for iron content.

Lanolin cream is AWESOME for cracked skin. I used it on my hands in the winter and it did wonders!! I used it when I nursed too and it's great!