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Monday, August 09, 2010

Multitude Monday

Monday is here again and that means it's time to list things I'm thankful for. Visit blogger Ann Voskamp, creator of Multitude Monday for her thankful moments.

Today I read an article that greatly saddened me. Karen Woo, a doctor, 2 years older than I was killed by firing squad in Afghanistan.

Her story can be found here.

I was blown away by the following statement by Karen:
Woo had known that the medical expedition by foot and packhorse to the remote Nuristan province would not be easy but she was undeterred.
“We will begin at about 7,000 feet, ascend to almost 16,000 feet before dropping down to around 9,500 feet for our final destination,” she wrote in a June 30 email to friends, soliciting donations for the mission. “The total walking distance will be 120 miles round trip. The effort is worth it in order to assist those that need it most.”
Have you ever considered walking 120 miles to help someone? And while doing so putting your life in danger? I haven't.
31. Today I'm thankful for Karen Woo and brave people like her who put their lives on the line for someone else.

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