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Thursday, August 12, 2010

I got an award!

The very sweet Mommycrat has given me an award!!! In return I'm to tell you 7 things about my life.

  1. I've just given birth to a giant baby - maybe not giant to some but considering my first was 5lbs 6oz and he being born at 8lbs 11oz - he's my big baby!
  2. I grew up in Hagerstown, MD
  3. My husband and I are both artists but these days our creative outlets are limited due to time spent with children and jobs. My husband's now works on furniture when he gets a chance and my creative outlet is at work developing new toys.
  4. I've lived in South Florida for 10 years, does this make me a Floridian?
  5. I have a fondness for chocolate pastry's.
  6. I love my iPhone, it keeps me company during the 3+ night time feedings with Sam, and awake. Although an iPad would be nice.
  7. I love to travel and write about every aspect from best packing methods to international flight survival to local culture.

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