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Monday, August 23, 2010

So how ARE we doing with TWO kids?

It's funny you should ask.

With our first child, everyone asked "So, how are the PETS doing with the baby???" Now, no one cares about the pets, they are long forgotten, leading a scrappy life of begging us to remember their food and water needs.

To answer the original question I'd have to say Hurricane Charlotte is averaging a category 5. In the 60 seconds it took to change Sam's diaper in the bathroom I came out to witness this scene of destruction (and this is only 1/3 of the room):

Everything seems to end up on the floor these days! The slightest infraction will cause her to throw any held object to the floor and say mournfully "no more, no more" while running to her room. Infractions include but are not limited to:
  • her putting a red block in a box, closing it, opening it till box breaks
  • grabbing anything she's not supposed to have like the camera
  • shoes on or off depending on the day
  • parents not immediately catering to every whim
  • parents not providing adequate supply of gummy bears
And Sam? Well he just sleeps through everything. We have his Moses basket on a table in the center of Charlotte's circus of noise and destruction. Or husband carries him draped over one arm like a sleepy cat.
And Charlotte's hair has gone wild. I got so used to Mema keeping her hair in sweet ponytails every day but since she's been gone the hair has achieved a life of it's own!
But regardless of her constant bid for attention - she likes Sam. She will clamor into the Papasan, sit against the boppy with both arms out in a request to hold him. It's sweet. And when he's getting a diaper change or just having a good cry she will pat him gently and say "poor Sam",while pushing a small toy into his hands.

Oh yeah, I just realized I haven't answered the "how ARE we doing" part of the question. Well I've been up since 4:00am, got minor scraps of sleep after that, returned to working from home, have a stiff sore neck and overall just feel major jet lag with the lack of sleep. Ask me a question and it might take awhile to process. As for husband, he just says he's tired.


Miss. C said...

He is SO adorable!!! She is a cutie too!! Hope you get some sleep soon!!!

R. Molder said...

Yeah I really need to get off the computer and sleep! I just get so giddy when I actually have some free time to myself! I stay up and up and up!!! Seriously I need sleep.

amanda said...

I'm reading these backwards.
Charlotte's hair is perfect (LOVE the pic)...that's what mine used (still does during most of the summer) look like growing up. As a matter of fact, I was looking through a yearbook (Torture?!) and completely forgot what my hair looked like in some of those pics.

crazywildberry said...

If you want to feel better about your house, come visit me without warning. You'll walk in and feel like you are Martha Stewart again. :)

Kids and stuff is a never ending battle that I really need to just wave the white flag and get that over with. Surrender! I get mad and upset about the clutter from time to time and send the adversaries out with their dad and in no time flat, the house take on a face lift.

So, don't be too hard on yourself. I still can't believe you are back at work. That in itself is quite a feat!

Rumour Miller said...

They are so cute!

I hope you find sleep soon!