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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sam - two weeks old

Samuel John - two weeks old, now 9lbs 11oz

He has an unpredictable eating schedule that's driving me a bit batty. Sometimes it's every two hours and other times it's every 4-5 hours. It's making my breasts extremely full and leaky on the long stretch and I never know when to pump because it could be a 2 hour stretch between eating.

A lactation nurse suggested pumping on the hour after he eats so that I start building a stock pile before returning to work. I think I'll focus on that for the next few days.


crazywildberry said...

I would suggest that you pump every two hours. Can you imagine how much milk are you are going to be producing if you pump every hour?? Wow!

OR... if it's every two or every 4-5, then, I would feed him every 3. Get him up when you hit three hours and that might get him on a three hour schedule. You could try pumping after he nurses to train your body to produce a little more to start stock piling.

Sure is awfully cute! Just look at those CHEEKS! Love cheeky babies! :)

Louise said...

He's adorable!

I don't have any insight re: breastfeeding and pumping schedule. I strictly pumped (after accepting defeat with breastfeeding), so just set myself a schedule and that was that.

Hopefully he settles into a rhythm soon. I don't think my daughter really did for the first month or so, though - but hopefully soon :)

Keely said...

Oh, that's such a balancing act. Hope he gets on a more regular schedule soon!