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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

This fun blog hop brought to you by "The Un Mom", head over and check out her super cool graphics.

Super solar storms in 2012 may knock out electricity for vast numbers of people - read it here; of course it could hit anywhere in the entire world so the chances of it hitting your community are scarce but it still makes you wonder if you could survive for long without public electric and water!! I don't know much about survival, my emergency plans are based on evacuation to live with family in Texas or Maryland - two states so far apart that the same disaster will not reach both areas.

Speaking of storms, it's been a quiet Hurricane season, we've managed to get through June, July and half of August with no storms threatening our area. I believe this marks the half way point and at least baby is born, growing AND we have the minivan which will allow us to evacuate with 3 cats, 1 dog, toddler and newborn along with basic luggage.

Speaking of minivan, we are worried our white van will get lost in a parking lot of white vans so husband wants to customize it. On the list of discussed options:
  • painting it a custom Bentley color, adding decals from Bentley and calling it the Mini Ventley
  • painting it a custom Mini Cooper color and calling it the Mini
  • painting it a custom bright orange so it can be spotted anywhere
  • painting it a custom ocean theme with waves to compliment the white
I believe this is all under the notion that we drive it for many years without much plan for resale value. Feel free to vote on top right widget!

Robert Wilson who sang the following in the 70's has died at 53:
say oops upside your head say oops upside your head
say oops upside your head say oops upside your head
pay attention now
say oops upside your head say oops upside your head
say oops upside your head say oops upside your head
now I want all you gappers, and finger snappers
you toe tappers and you love rappers
Anyone heard of this song? Thanks to NPR for odd news bits, I really thought I'd heard it wrong but they really sing these lyrics.

Have a great Random Tuesday everyone!!!


Miss. C said...

I have to admit, my dad has prepared for the big electric grid thing! He has a stock pile in his basement and bought a generator!! So if it happens I am sure you can guess where my kids will be going! I say my kids because I am sure if it does my husband and I will be running fire department calls like mad!

tiarastantrums said...

my brother - literally no joke here - is building a bunker under his house - that is where I am going!

amanda said...

We, thankfully have a generator so when the power has gone out for extended periods, which hasn't happened all that often, we start it up and just keep plugging things in as needed. Also, have a trailer sitting in the driveway helps too..the fridge/freezer runs off of propane so I won't lose everything if we were to be without power for a while. And cooking...heck I've done most of that on the BBQ this summer anyway. :)
And, I hope the hurricane season stays quiet for you.
I vote for the mini paint job!

amanda said...

Okay, so after reading the article...don't think our generator would last years. ;)

R. Molder said...

@Miss Candy - yes you will be busy! I'll be praying for all the fire fighters if this happens!!!

@Tiaras - awesome brother!!

@Amanda - well at least you will be able to travel in a fully equipped trailer to a place that has electricity!

crazywildberry said...

I think that one of the reasons for the quiet hurricane season was that so many people were praying Sam to go to term.

Glad you got a minivan. Hope it serves you well. I voted on the color theme.

I think R. Wilson sang those words once too many. That's crazy!

Amy Sullivan said...

mini vently...that made me giggle.