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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday - off to a good start

Last night husband came home to a wreck of a wife and promptly took over, even though he had to work today and probably needed sleep more than she. Then again, who needs sleep more, the one home with two small children under 2? Or the one on autopilot teaching dog training classes?

Somehow with the combined 8 hours of fussiness, Sam decided he'd gotten through all gas issues and slept throughout the night with one wake up at 1am to be fed and that's it! I was so surprised that at 6am I came out and put my hand on his chest to check breathing and he promptly woke up. Which worked out perfectly since it allowed me to feed him, get him to sleep by 7, get a SHOWER and then take care of Charlotte.

I've shared breakfast with Charlotte, dressed her, done her hair, written this post and he's still sleeping. Yeah yeah yeah! Optimism is running high!

Here she is, proof hair and clothing are complete:


Amy Sullivan said...

Oh, I remember waking up with that frantic feeling of panic and feeling my daughter's chest to make sure she was breathing.

I'm so glad you got some sleep and sweet Charlotte got her hair all fancy!

ps Charlotte was one of our top choices in baby names. Love it!

crazywildberry said...

Oh! Don't you just love it when the knight and shining (or even kinda dull) armor marches in and saves the day? I love that!!

Charlotte is looking more and more like a little lady with each post.