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Monday, August 09, 2010

Sleepy Monday

The first day my mom visits brings to my knees with sleepiness. It also happens when I visit her. I don't know if it's the absolute comfort she brings, the safety, the peace and calm but it puts a big blanket of sleep over my entire being.

I fell asleep as my husband discussed the finer points of getting a warranty for the used mini van we are looking at buying tomorrow. Later he said I started snoring and then woke up to ask a few more questions.

I was so drowsy that I forgot to take pain medication and vitamins on schedule and by 4pm felt sore all over, the worst being soreness from feeding Sam. Glad to still be on pain meds, even if it's only for a few more days because the worst is really over.

The entire day I kept thinking there's something missing, I should be doing something but the only thing we had scheduled was to buy the mini van which had been sent to the dealership last Friday for maintenance and didn't arrive back today for us to pick it up. The bank approved our loan by mid-afternoon so there was nothing left to do.

My mom did all the dishes, put kids clothes away and kept the kids happy while husband and I alternated naps.

Dinner was pre-made by having left over Spaghetti sauce, and mom graciously sorted through the aging lettuce leaves to make a salad.

Still I kept thinking I was missing something. I think it's sleep deprivation. Speaking of, I'd better get some sleep while Sam is sleeping.

As my daughter would say, night night.


Rumour Miller said...

Moms Rock!

Rest up.

crazywildberry said...

Sleep well, Rachel! You deserve it! Hope you can get lots of rest while your mom is there. BTW, please, tell your mom I said hello. Blessings on your new van and all that ride within it. Love ya!