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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday nights are lonely desparate times

Friday is the only evening with one parent.

One parent to get both kids fed, napped and in bed.

I did okay from 2-5pm, both kids got naps and fed, even if Sam was stuck to me like a leech, squalling within 5 minutes of being laid down thus ensuring I didn't get to share in the whole nap experience. And it didn't matter where I put him - swing, boppy, Moses basket - all were unacceptable.

We woke Charlotte up at 5:15 and she was sad that she couldn't cuddle since Sam needed to eat and things went downhill from there when I couldn't get him settled enough to sleep until almost 10 thus missing dinner, any hope of feeding Charlotte and going to the bathroom - which all combined made me quite tired and rattled.

I know I need to put him down more and I did for a moment to change Charlotte's diaper and get her in pajamas but all to the tune of a fire engine screaming in the background. How can anyone eat or sleep to that sound? It's like babies are made with such bone jarring shrieking ability that you can't ignore their cries. There must be something programmed into our DNA that makes it impossible to ignore shrieking baby.

Even Charlotte tries to help calm things. She brings me extra diapers when I'm changing his diaper - lots of extra diapers! She gives him toys and pats his chest saying "are you okay?". It's so sweet.

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crazywildberry said...

I know when I have all three and I am home alone, things can get hectic. Pace yourself. What's that saying? Rome didn't get built in a day.

Sometimes babies can't sleep because they are that tired. And I know he is young, but if he's crying and inconsolable, he will cry whether in your arms or safe in a crib, swing, whatever. Sometimes, 10 or 15 minutes away from the direct screaming in your ears can make a difference and you could still get Charlotte something to eat.

Being alone with more than one child can make one feel overwhelmed, but just take a moment at a time and I am sure you are doing fine!