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Saturday, August 07, 2010

My first post dedicated to Sam

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with a boy I've wondered what it's like to parent and love a boy. I've loved boys as a teenager, boys throughout college and one specifically who became a man and married me but what's it like to parent a boy?

I have two brothers but that doesn't tell me what it's like to parent a son.

I've read blogs saying boys are more cuddly, destructive, etc but I've never really been sold on comparative adjectives with boys and girls. My daughter is a tom boy who breaks most norms for girls in her love of SpongeBob and Toy Story Buzz and Woody - all of which may be a result of husband being a stay at home dad.

So I've wondered and wondered for the past 6 months and also wondered if I would love him as much as Charlotte.

For 9 months I've fought hard for this baby to be big and strong, I've gone on bed rest, done extensive yoga training to get my mind and body ready for that one special day of birth, I've controlled eating to only gain 25lbs making sure to eat a well balanced but supportive diet and I've gone to triple the amount of doctor's appointments then with Charlotte.

All of it was worth it. He has completely charmed me in the less than 9 days he's been in this world. I can't say it was the instant they put him in my arms because I was pretty exhausted, sleepy and drugged from the IV injection following birth so I could get through the 15-20 minutes of stitches but as I've nursed him over the past 9 days I've become completely infatuated with this little guy. He keeps me going on an insane schedule, last night from 9pm - 7am I only managed to score 4 hours of sleep! But it doesn't matter because he is my little guy and I'm just so thrilled to have him become part of our family.


rapunzel said...

Love this post because I, too, have a little guy to love. My little guy is snuggling next to me right this minute. I love it and can't help but rub it in by saying to Reese, "Look who I have next to me!" hahaha

crazywildberry said...

I didn't find out about any of our children, as you well know. I had prayed for a boy the first time and a girl the second time. Both prayers answered with a yes. I had a hunch I was carrying a boy the last time and it was to my complete surprise that I birthed a beautiful girl.

Not everyone would enjoy being surprised at the birth, but I did. And with each additional child, I wondered the same thing. At least a little. Would I love this child as much as I loved their older sibling? Not so surprisingly, of course, we do! God made mothers to be nurturers and our love doesn't divide as we bear more children, it multiplies! Each child is another blessings to behold and cherish.

Even when I was completely surprised with my third child, I embraced her with all the love and adoration that I had her older brother and sister. I just knew that she would be a blessing to our family! And she is!

(BTW, I felt exactly how you felt with my first. Little Man was the first boy that I ever loved, as deeply as I do, besides my dad, brother and husband. So, it was unmarked territory for me as well.)

Miss. C said...

What a sweet post!! I had my son first and I had no idea what to do with a boy!! I didn't even have brothers! But he is my little prince, a prince who will be a teenager this year! Enjoy him while he is young, the years go by so fast!!!! Congrats!!!

Unknown said...

I love it! My little one is also named Sam. How long were you on bed rest? With my Sam it was only a week around 13 w when I had surgery and then 4 days of preterm labor before he was born @ 33 weeks. But with Gavin it was 4 weeks at home, 4 weeks in the hospital!

R. Molder said...

Thanks Rapunzel - I can see how much you adore your little guy from your blog. It's such a great tribute to him!!!

Gina- you have more patience than I do, I have to find out the sex!

Thanks Miss Candy!

Hi Bridie - I started bed rest for the first week of July, about 4 weeks before Sam was born. It was lifted after two weeks once he was full term but I continued to work from home because every day felt like he could come any minute! My first daughter was born at 35 weeks, 2 days so we fully expected Sam to come early. He went a full 38 weeks!!!