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Friday, August 20, 2010

First day alone with the kids

My mom left yesterday, thus ending an entire summer of Grandma time.
  • In June, the day the school year ended, my mom came down for a week.
  • One week later my mother in law came down for Charlotte's birthday.
  • Two weeks later she was back and stayed for 5 weeks.
  • My mom got here on the day she left and stayed for 2 weeks; the school starts again on Monday.
So we've had an almost non-stop summer of Grandma time.

Today is my first day alone with the kids; husband is working from 2-10.

This morning I took Charlotte to the store to get her out of the house and have some mom and daughter time. She asked me to hold her throughout the entire store - fortunately it was Whole Foods so not a very big store. Where is my independent 2 year old who likes to push the cart? Fail.

First day without my mom and I definitely over did it with carrying her so long, need a pain med. Fail.

We came home and she happily scarfed down the Mac N Cheese I bought. Success.

As husband got ready for work and I fed Sam she watched SpongeBob on my iPhone for 30 minutes - Success

But in a bid to get my attention threw an expensive baby thermometer behind the couch. Fail.

I put her down for a nap and an hour later Republican Rick Scott called to solicit my vote thus waking Charlotte. Fail.

I did manage to rest for 1.5 hours before the call. Success.

Sam hasn't cried for 4-5 hours. Success.

I've learned the best way to get Sam to sleep fast is to sit outside in the humidity for 5-10 minutes then put him in the swing. Success.

Every time Sam cries and I go to pick him up Charlotte wants picked up. She cries and falls to her knees when I can't hold her too. Fail.

There is no one to buffer her. Thus ends an entire summer of Grandma love and attention.

Sorry Charlotte, you're not the only one missing Grandma's love and attention!!!

However, I do have a chocolate croissant to share when you wake up that might make things a little better!


Julia Ladewski said...

oh, those days!! grandma time is the best!!

so, your comment on my blog today made me think. for me, and i don't know why, but it's crazy to think you would only want 25 followers so you could get to know them!! what i mean is that's awesome!! never thought about it that way. probably is i have so many blogs i love to read that i love connecting with too many people!!

amanda @ ramblings of an empty mind said...

Sounds like quite a day. It'll just take a bit to get into a routine without Grandma's around.

Amy Sullivan said...

Grrrr...those political calls during dinner and naps drive me crazy.

Despite some of your setbacks, I think your first day was a major SUCCESS.

Rumour Miller said...

What is with the telemarketer type calls at all the worst times!

crazywildberry said...

Give yourself a few more pats on the back, Rachel! I agree with Amy Sullivan. You did well! I fact that you even thought of going out is a huge milestone! Hey! Kids are kids and they are temperamental! You just never know when they are going to do what. Success! :) BTW, I ALWAYS hated when my mom went home. It always left me with a helpless feeling. Even after baby #3, when I knew all the ropes. You will do fine though!