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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Working Mommy Wednesday

Welcome to another week of Working Mommy Wednesday. This week our prompt is:

The last quarter of the year is full of amazing holiday’s. What is your favorite? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Talk Like a Pirate Day or Christmas?

I really love this time of year! Photos from up north with all the lovely fall leaves changing colors (don't get them in South Florida so have to enjoy in photos), pumpkin patches, dressing kids up for Halloween, great food on Thanksgiving and Christmas presents! It's a giddy three months of fun and preparation!

My absolute favorite starts in October. I am a massive fan of everything pumpkin and last year I went a bit crazy and made at least 15 pounds of pumpkin puree for the deep freezer (to-do guide here). I still have 2 left! I probably will not go quite so crazy this year, one maybe two pumpkins.

I love taking the kids to Pumpkin patches and taking wonderful contrasting photos with brightly colored clothing and pumpkins. My favorite photos were of Charlotte in 2009 in this gorgeous dress from Gymboree.
Some people go nuts for a Christmas or Easter dress, I dig bright dresses for pumpkin patches!

I look forward to reading everyone's stories today. Link up below might not work since I just paid for the subscription and it seems to be taking time to connect. If you don't see the link up then please leave a comment and I'll come by your blog today for a visit.

Have a great day!


Mamma Kerr said...

Oh! I LOVE your photo! Too cute!! :)

I've just posted my WMW post over on my Mamma Kerr blog!



Emily said...

We love Halloween too! My WMW post is up and going on emilyjuggles.blogspot.com .

SarahMarie said...

Great pumpkin patch picture!

Linking up today:

Emily said...

I'm having a tough time getting your WMW on my blog for some reason. Just know I haven't forgotten you!

Sarah said...

15 pounds is a lot of pumpkin! What all do you use it in? I'll have to check out your Pumpkin link there!

Anonymous said...

Wow! big pumpkin :-) What an adorable pic, too... I'm with you on the fall/holiday season. Love it!