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Monday, October 24, 2011


I missed church yesterday to focus on my family, it’s a rare thing but we wanted to plan a morning with the kids at a pumpkin patch and to plan it after church/nap times means going out after 4pm.  So I don’t have any great thoughts inspired from a morning church service.  Maybe they will come to me during my weekly Bible studies.  For now, I do have a growing list of thankful items:
  • 200 – Safety while driving in the rain, last week we had rain for 5 days straight.  Many accidents on the road, I’m so thankful for safety.
  • 201 – Protected wildlife sanctuaries.  I’ve been driving past at patch of wild land for 6 years and suddenly noticed a team was ripping down the trees!  We never realize how much peace nature brings until it’s removed and bare stumps, brown ground are left behind.
  • 202 – Parents who kept the marriage promise “till death do we part”.  I get such inspiration from parents who stayed true to each other.
  • 203 – Mother In Law’s who come to visit and pay for groceries!!
  • 204 – Unexpected gift cards from Target Pharmacy
  • 205 – Unexpected cards from youth pastor’s wife telling me she’s thinking of me and praying for my unborn baby.  These cards make me feel so special.

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