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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Budget - $35 for Groceries

Once again we bought a few too many “extra’s” during the week so we are down to $35 for groceries for the week.  Confession time – I took myself out for Tijuana Flats (favorite Mexican food) for lunch one day :(
So here is how I plan to buy our groceries for one week on $35.00
  • Fortunately we buy in bulk from Costco so we have bulk chicken in the freezer
  • Saturday I made a 3 meals of spaghetti sauce
  • I have tons of staple items in the pantry so I only need to buy the things we use daily like milk, juice and produce.
Oh yeah, and I realized we are out of toilet paper!  Opps.  Fortunately someone at work gave me a Princess costume for Charlotte so I’ve decided to return her Fairy’s costume to pay for the toilet tissue.  I’m determined to not go over budget ya’ll!  Besides, she already tried on the wings, realized they did not make her fly and said she hated them and didn’t want to be a fairy anymore.  How’s that for drama!
In summary, I bought 3 things at Costco (not counting the toilet paper which was an even exchange for the costume):
  • Milk $3.45 x 2
  • Eggs $4.29 for 3 dozen
  • Banana’s $1.39 for 3 pounds
  • Total $13.66
Then at Publix I bought the following:
  • Sweet Potatoes 2
  • Grapes l.29lbs
  • Polish Kielbasa 1lb
  • Ground Chuck 1lb
  • Tortillas
  • Orange Juice
  • Apple Juice
  • Black Beans
  • Total $17.89
Which means I spent $31.55!  Awesome, I’m under budget!!!  Now to go for an entire week without eating out – anywhere!
Disclosure, it took over 2 hours to plan a menu on such a small budget.  It was hard but will be totally worthwhile in the end!

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