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Friday, October 07, 2011

Friday Night Fun - Tortilla Soup

5:30 time to start dinner: cook corn
5:40 turn off corn, get distracted with kids, let corn cool
6:00 cut corn off the cob

Simmer garlic in chili powder and olive oil
Add two cans of diced tomatoes
Stop, serve corn to hungry girl who wants to snack on corns
When she's done, add to soup

Go outside with kids to play while soup cooks.

Gang of kids descend on us creating mass mayhem while all gather around our porch, snag sidewalk chalk and make over our dog Chopper.

I add two bricks to our garden border, likely digging them into the ground too deep. More neighbors come home, Charlotte's favorite little friend Layla comes over to play. I'm never getting the kids back in the house now!

6:45 I realize I forgot key ingredient for soup. Black beans! Briefly try to get shoes on Charlotte. One shoe on and she runs for the bathroom. I don't catch her on the exit and she runs outside with one red sandal.

Layla's mom comes over and we chat aimlessly while our kids run pell mell around the yard. Frantic energy.

Back into my home they go, into the bedroom to play tea party. Layla's mom says she will come back later for her after I say it's fine to play. I order take out. Sam's too tired for a store run. I'm becoming a tired mental case.

7:00 Layla's sister comes back for her while I'm feeding Sam.

7:15 I'm putting Sam to bed because he's just that tired! His standard bedtime is 8. First put UP movie in DVD so Charlotte has distraction while I put Sam to sleep.

7:45 my food arrives.

Charlotte demands access to Pumpkin trick or treat bucket with bat headbands. Pulls both down and wears headband (I got this in Hong Kong, 2006). Smile Charlotte!


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