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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Menu - on $35

Here’s our menu for the week:
  • Saturday dinner – grilled cheese sandwiches and leftover chicken noodle soup
  • Sunday lunch – Burritos with black beans, orange peppers, fresh salsa and cheddar cheese
  • Sunday dinner – Homemade Spaghetti sauce with noodles and salad
  • Monday dinner – Crispy Chicken w/chili spiced sweet potato wedges & green beans
  • Tuesday dinner – Beef Taco’s
  • Wednesday dinner – Chicken with Green Chili & hot pepper cheese sandwiches with mango slices
  • Thursday dinner – Chicken Quesadillas w/avocado slices refried beans & rice
  • Friday dinner – Easy Italian Sausage-Veggie soup
For lunches I eat left-overs from the night before.
For breakfast we eat Pumpkin muffins (made last week), Sweet Potato Pie (made this weekend), Cereal, Cinnamon toast and/or fruit.

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