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Monday, October 03, 2011


Some days it’s hard to find moments to be thankful for as we get out of bed.  I find myself contrasting my life to others.  For example, sometimes when I read Ann’s blog, and see all the beautiful photos of grated cheese and foods then I wander into my kitchen at 6am and see a wilted pile of sweet potato peelings in the sink, with bits of banana that a sick boy could not bare to eat yesterday.  I giggle, thinking what an awful picture that would make on this blog and how to find beauty in this mess.
I wander into the pantry, looking for my recipe book on banana bread and it takes some time to dig it out because there is so much food piled in the way.  Boxes and boxes of elbow noodles, sugars and grains.  I marvel at the stockpile of food in my pantry.  I’m never hungry. So what if we didn’t have time to clean the sink before bed?  We have more food then a house of 4 needs and certainly more than a majority of hungry families in this world.
As I scrape the sinks clean and move forward with making banana bread, I’m reminded of my mom, who grew up in a big family of 10 that struggled to make ends meet.  Her mom taught her how to bake and cook and she did the same for our family of 5 growing up on my father’s meager salary.  I know how to bake from at least 2 generations back!  What a joyful and useful skill!  I’m so thankful for the hardworking women in my family who have taught me to bake and not rely on expensive pre-packaged foods.
  • 176 – I’m thankful for the ability to bake homemade banana bread.
  • 177 – For a husband that continues to care for the kids while I recover from jet lag.  Sunday was a long day where we stayed home from church so I could rest.
  • 178 – For two generations of God-loving women who baked and cooked for their families.
  • 179 – For a daughter who is just as curious as I was as a child in helping mom stir the bowl.
  • 180 – For a tiny 14mo son who loves to help with chores, his latest is filling the laundry basket.  Such a joy to watch him.
  • 181 – Words cannot describe my delight in coming home to America.
  • 182 – A view from the jet plane, looking down at clouds, so fluffy and light.

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