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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Budget - sometimes means returning things

I have a $400 grocery budget that I’m determined to stick to.  Sometimes it means crunching numbers for a hour on Saturday morning, realizing that by the 7th we’ve already spent $176.00  How can that be?  Oh, we ate out twice, this past week I spontaneously got frozen yogurt and I spent way too much at whole foods to support my picky pregnant diet.
So what does that mean?  Should I spend $24 on groceries this week?  No, time to look around for things I bought at Target last weekend that we don’t need.
Black tutu skirt for Charlotte – tags still intact, she already has one in purple.  She will not miss it.
Transformer costume for Sam – he won’t miss it, I found a track outfit in his closet that he rarely wears.  He can be an Olympic star!
Spooky Mr. Potato Head – was to be part of my Halloween toy collection (yes toy designers obsess over other toys!), I don’t need it.
Savings = $35
Add that to $24 and I can do it!  Just need to make sure there are NO spontaneous purchases in this upcoming week!

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