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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Sunday, I left for church with only my 14mo son.  Charlotte had refused to finish her breakfast even after sitting at the dinner table for one hour.  Husband had made the decision to keep her home.  There were tears but I think the heavier heart was mine.  I love the joy in her eyes when she goes to Sunday school.  Our church has enough volunteers to segregate the kids into their age groups, Sam’s in 12mo – 18mo, Charlotte in 3yr olds.  I love hearing her bubbly stories about eating cookies and drinking water when we pick her up at the end of service.  To leave half my family at home was incredibly sad.
During service I had a thought.  I wonder how many times God is sad to withhold blessings due to our disobedience?  It has to hurt.  He wants us to be obedient but sometimes, even us Christians, are just stuck in a rut.   Our church promotes Serving on a Weekly basis!  This includes serving in church services, church events, surrounding community, holiday food donations, donating said food to local families and short term mission trips.  Every week the excuses roll around in my head and I wonder, is this disobedience?
The sermon this week was “Full Throttle Faith” and the pastor asked, if someone comes into your home, what evidence will he/she find of your faith?
I’ve been told that this time of my life is for staying home with my young kids rather than serving in the church.  I really don’t have much spare time that can be spent at events.  But what about those extra hours I have in the evening after the kids are in bed?  I’ve already canceled cable.  Maybe I can encourage my blogger friends rather than just leaving random comments on their blogs.  Actually look for those who NEED encouragement.  What about the little neighbor girls who are always hanging around near my porch.  Get to know them, eventually invite them to church, teach them how to bake cookies.  Who can I help today with my artistic talent?  The opportunities to serve are endless and constantly surrounding me.  I just need to have a willing heart.
This week I’m thankful for the following:
  • 183 – Vehicles with low mileage
  • 184 – Having one vehicle paid off!
  • 185 – Finding lots of new tomatoes on the vine, after I thought the plant was finished producing.
  • 186 – My son’s shrieks of laughter as his daddy plays peek a boo
  • 187 – My daughter’s brilliant imagination, she thinks fairy wings will make her fly, she only needs to find ones that are not broken.
  • 188 – more Relevant roomies then I ever dreamed possible!
  • 189 – long talks with my mom

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